Clobbered With Bullets

February 22, 2017


The shooter remained at large last Thursday morning at the 200 block of Longview Drive, in our communities East Side of San Antonio.


KSAT12 Reporter, Charles Gonzales, reported he spoke with the resident whose home was drenched in bullets while her daughter was sleeping in one of the rooms that was showered with gunfire which thankfully did not injure anyone. “It sounded like a firecracker mixed with a glass breaking,” said Hullum, who moved into the neighborhood four years ago. “It was the most powerless, terrifying thing you could experience.” Charles Gonzales reported.


Hullum's daughter slept only feet from the spray of ammo, “If she would have been awake, then the bullets would have showered her,” Hullum told Charles Gonzales.

But Hullum was not the only resident affected by last Thursday's shooting so was Dorothy Fuller who told Charles Gonzales, “They ain't going to run me away from my house,” Fuller said. “This is my house. I work every day, hard. I come home and be in my house. I don't bother nobody.”


Many residents feel the same as Hullum and Fuller with Hullum adding, “It's heartbreaking, but it's not something that I can stay and try to change. And I think that's why all the good people leave, because it's too dangerous to stick around and try to change because nobody listens,” Hullum said. “It's neglected. There's no streetlights here. There's no cops here, and we're just left to fend for ourselves.”


As Hullum stated above, their are no streetlights, there are no cops and they are basically left to fend for themselves.  Last week we reported on the statistics of spending for Councilman Warrick's Shotspotter that cost our District 2, $270,000 with only yielding one arrest after a year.  Where was that $270,000 safety implementation when Hullum's daughter's room was sprayed with bullets when she slept? I'm sure the answer is "Oh its not in that area". Ok.


Where is the presence of the police?  Councilman Warrick, District 2, is supported by the SAPD and endorsed by them but their 'alliance' still has a little girl getting bullets sprayed through her room while she sleeps at night until school the next morning. Can NO ONE is San Antonio figure this out?  Do we not have the brain power to put our heads together even if it is not your district?  If it's not your district it's your city, right?  We want to retain all these great brains at Rackspace yet we can't even figure out how to get brains to develop the East Side into a thriving community, what does that say about this city's LEADERSHIP?  They are taking trips and flashing cameras and all marching hand in hand but dare they roll up their sleeves and get to work before this happens again.  Come on Leadership this is a disgrace to your 'legacy'.  This is NOT Chicago, its NOT Philly you have it a lot easier and I would hope you at least give a damn and stop posing for pictures with all your fancy friends with big titles.


Residents, and this little innocent girl have been a victim of their protectors disregard for the East Side.  If Councilman Warrick does not know how to clean it up (it is not rocket science) then give him ideas on what you, the residents of the East Side, who voted to have Councilman Warrick represent you want and need.  Obviously no other platforms he's provided for residents to speak out have reached these residents except the rain of bullets he was supposed to be on top of with a price tag of $270k with shotspotter, or I'm sure they would of told him about the need for street lights, then again maybe he said no?  Not sure, but I am sure there are no streetlights so draw your own conclusion from there.


I will leave you with this again from San Antonio's East Side District 2 resident Hullum to reporter Charles Gonzales: “It's neglected. There's no streetlights here. There's no cops here, and we're just left to fend for ourselves.”


I do hope the District 2 Councilman and SAPD find a more intelligent way of figuring out the stop to this nonsense.  I mean, can we at least get a street light or is that over budget for the East Side?  


Looks like streetlights will be an uphill battle just one without bullets this time.  We are on it East Side and will keep you updated!


Click HERE if you choose to write in or call us with your concerns at 210.212.NEWS.

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