Open Letter To Mayor Ivy Taylor

April 5, 2017


Dear Mayor Taylor,


What are we doing with the police-community relations council? I’ve been on it since the beginning and I’m not seeing progress…. just a lot of ambiguous language being thrown around about how the community “needs to know how to BEHAVE” and be “obedient and docile” towards law enforcement...while at the same time being shot and killed while being Black and Brown or White and rebellious.


What are we doing? Especially for the Eastside? The SAME Eastside where YOU live…The SAME Eastside that supported YOU during your terms as councilwoman…The SAME Eastside that was proud when you got appointed as the first Black Female Mayor of a city with a majority Hispanic population…The SAME Eastside that pulled you through the runoffs in 2015 against Van De Putte…The SAME Eastside that you



For the past 5 or 6 years, we’ve been seeing “OUR BLACK LEADERS” lead Outsiders on “educational excursions” through the Eastside conducting “Surveys” on Our People that resemble African safaris.  With all those studies, they still are in confusion about how to engage the people. But then again, they KNOW the problem, but they let their personal prejudices get in the way and stereotype a whole community so that they can continue to syphon grant dollars at the expense of poor people. So, what

were all those studies for?


They studied us to death…. they got paid for doing nothing.


As Communications Committee Co-Chairman, I’ve called you on the phone to schedule meetings to address community concerns…I’ve talked to you in person…I even put out a petition address the horrible conditions on the Hill in Wheatley Heights to NO AVAIL! In council meetings, you look disinterested when the conversations turn to holding the city or police accountable, but when it comes to arresting people you’re ALL EXCITED…. like a toddler at a birthday party.


You live in a neighborhood that’s responsible for igniting and promoting gentrification and you’ve invested mostly in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! You’ve allowed poachers and slumlords to come into the Eastside and exploit poor residents and force our seniors out of their homes. But instead of attacking the slumlords, you allow them to operate and harness the crime in already vulnerable neighborhoods. You guys are not creating HOMEOWNERS…you guys are creating economic slaves.


Why does the Eastside resemble a third world country in some areas? Oh, but NOT Dignowity Hill…YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! You are pushing a bond that’s going to revitalize our city…but the Promise Zone Initiatives, economic development, and job growth have NOT been fairly doled out to ALL who qualify.  While you guys promote one message…Eastsiders are living another message. The message is that YOU

DON’T BELIEVE IN THE RESIDENTS…. ESPECIALLY YOUR BLACK RESIDENTS! I don’t believe you care about the Eastside anymore because you I’ve watched you come to Eastside community events LATE and LEAVE EARLY! But not on the Northside though…. you wear your “Sunday’s BEST” when you go to their

meetings…You get there early enough to shake hands and you stay late enough to sign autographs.


We feel like you’re too concerned about your campaign to care about our poor little ole meetings… I respect you…I’m just disappointed as a tax paying citizen and an Eastsider who believed that you were going to do MORE to ignite hope on the Eastside. But all you did was allow charter schools to come in, poach our brightest kids and cripple our struggling public school system. Sam Houston can’t get help

paying for an outdated marquee, but agencies USE SAM HOUSTON KIDS for grant purposes or to make it look like they are giving back, but they aren’t investing in those kids at all. But it’s “My Brother’s Keeper” right….??


A lot of the community feels the same way. They may not have the courage to speak up and speak out so, I’ll do it for them. The days of pimping the Eastside are OVER! That goes for YOU and the rest of the interlopers taking advantage and ignoring the Community! For far too long, we’ve been getting lied to, lied on, and PLAYED! You may feel like the Eastside doesn’t matter outside of Dignowity Hill but it does. You may feel like you don’t have to address the issues on Black Lives Matter or the tainted credibility of investigators in the Marquise Jones case, but one way or another the Eastside is tired of the LIES!  What are we doing with our Eastside low income Youth? The People you REFUSE to secure enough summer jobs for every year. The people you and other uppity folk treat like Ethiopian kids dying for a bowl of rice.


I asked you to support an initiative to get these young men suits for prom…BUT YOU SAID NO! WHY?  We’re going to motivate our Youth to go to the polls in May! I’m going to do ALL I CAN to SEE THAT We VOTE OUT ANYBODY who cannot represent ALL COMMUNITIES IN A FAIR ECONOMIC WAY! We may not have the money and the Northside backing……but WE HAVE PRIDE & HEART and we DESERVE EQUAL Economic opportunities like every other side of town. We’ve YET to get a movie theatre

on the Eastside. ALL OF OUR MONEY gets invested in OTHER neighborhoods that have the amenities we enjoy. I think all you brought to the Eastside as councilperson was a CVS store…(Greeeaaat!)


I’m going to end this letter by asking this….


Mayor Taylor, do you believe in the future of ALL CITIZENS? If so, it needs to show around my side of town. But then again…Let you and all the do-gooders tell it, ONLY Dignowity Hill is the Eastside!


Stop feeding us to the Wolves!





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