April 26, 2017




As Psi Alpha Chapter welcomes its 22 new members: Joseph

Pearson, Alan Thompson, Jermey Neal, Eddie Norwood, James

Roundtree, Jerry Coburn, Lawrence Naylor, Jeffery August, Kraig

Jackson, Dwight Patterson, Delton York, Brandon Duke; Aaron

Gilbert, Terrence Hickman, Anthony Peay, LeMarc Holcombe,

James Lee, Johnny Flores, Michael Allen, Faiz Kerai, Cyril Clarke

and Clarence Favorite to the fold on Saturday, 1 April 17. The

chapter always welcome those who want to assist in providing the

highest level of service (to the community, nation, and world) and

ensure Omega, as the Founders always demonstrated, is not

found lacking.


Founded in 1940, brothers of Psi Alpha Chapter, like Omega

men throughout the world, have led local, state, national and

international endeavors of importance. As the Fraternity’s

founders Bishop Edgar A. Love, Oscar J. Cooper, Frank Coleman

and faculty adviser, Professor Ernest E. Just established in the

past, the chapter exists to mentor undergraduates and provide

service (to the community, nation, and world).


Through its various programs, Psi Alpha Chapter provides youth

guidance through conferences and mentorship programs; needed

resources to succeed like school supplies, hair cuts and monies

through back to school and scholarships programs, as well as,

obtaining aviation careers experience through its Youth

Fly-In - ALL which are FREE. For more than 76 years,

Psi Alpha Chapter has strived to uplift the community positively

through service and will continue these efforts for years to come.

In hopes of affecting the lives of our young men - especially

African-Americans to be better, do better and most importantly

expect better.



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