Police Contract Sabotages Community Relations: Use ACLU Blue

April 26, 2017


According to the ACLU, “Download the ACLU Blue app on iPhone or Android to expose misconduct by law enforcement and promote examples of model policing. With the ACLU Blue app, you can record law enforcement, share those recordings in a public forum, and participate in an ongoing ACLUBlue conversation about policing reform.” The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) said that the app works for it, “Record interactions and sends them to the ACLU Blue online community, Network with other ACLU Blue users via Twitter, Know Your Rights and share with your friends via the ACLU Blue app, Give to the ACLU of Texas and help us keep ACLU Blue free, available, and updated, watch good and bad police interaction video submitted by other ACLU Blue users, become a deputy by training to review videos before they're posted online.”



         The ACLU reports that other features available include being able to, “Lock your phone screen while recording so that your video can't be stopped or deleted, download know Your Rights information on what to do when you’re stopped by law enforcement, on filming police, and on protesting — as well as your rights at the Texas-Mexico border zone, receive push notifications from the ACLU of Texas about issues and opportunities to get involved with work around the state, sign up for the ACLU of Texas email list to get weekly opportunities to take action on important issues, Interact with ACLU Blue users on Twitter and share videos posted on the ACLU Blue YouTube channel, view the app in Spanish or English depending on your phone's language setting.” Go to https://www.aclutx.org/en/campaigns/aclu-blue and download it to your phone.



            Since the City of San Antonio is not addressing its controversial relationship with the San Antonio Police Officers Association (SAPOA), and the contract that allows for a power grab, we must act as citizens. The current contract puts the community and good officers in danger.  Many of us “Back the Blue, but not the Fool,” The SAPOA can hardly afford to call anyone a “radical” when it was their radical policies defend abusive police officers to the limit. One community resident even complained that if an officer “killed a baby the police union would most probably claim it was justified.”



         In many ways the police union contract is backfiring on the SAPOA because many in the community are more astute than some cops give them credit for.  The old confederate tactic of accusing the victims of being “radical” just doesn’t wash any more, except with those that already believe that corrupt police officers should get away with abusive behavior. The community is asking citizens to go to the ACLU Website and use the ACLU BLUE app which can be used on your

phone to record abusive police and instantly upload it to lawyers. Since the police union wants to defend bad cops then the community is going to film them.    



         No one is an advocate of “anti-police” activity, but most of us are anti-fool, anti-abuse, and anti-corruption.  The more that political hacks try to paint this deplorable contract as a good thing, the more the community is seeing through this thin veil of ignorance.  We can lay the blame for this contract back to the 1960s when the Los Angeles Police Chief militarized the police.  In the hands of people that are “freaking out” over authority one might conclude that this attitude might have been one of the reasons why, in the recent past,


SAPD officers have stripped naked individuals on the hoods of their cars in violation of the law and the constitution, not to mention the weird behavior profile of an officer conducting a full body cavity search on a city street!

The ACLU is about justice as it states on its website, “Today, The ACLU of Texas continues our work to secure and protect civil rights for Texans throughout the state. In the courts and in the legislature, we fight for smart criminal justice reforms that treat everyone fairly. Defending civil liberties in the state of Texas is a constant battle, but a rewarding one. We will continue to work daily in the courts, legislatures and in the community to defend and preserve the individual rights . . . guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution . . . .”  The contract passed by city hall politicians makes the police unaccountable to the public and has done more harm to the average police officer that only wants to do his job. If bad officers are allowed to remain on the force then the good ones suffer as well, for they must work with these others that are often abusive, racist, and totally out of control.     


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