Nat Turner was a Hero


There was nothing rational about the institution of race slavery in America. Those that fought against the insane institution have been ignored or maligned by racist historians. Don’t think that people with advanced can’t be bigoted-they can be. In fact, the ideas of white supremacy are so powerful that some don’t even know they are racist. 


Hidden heroic figures that fought against this hellish system have been ignored or maligned in the historical record. Our work, as a people that want black history to be a central part of American history, must begin to penetrate the barrier of fabrication about Nat Turner’s rebellion in opposition to the hideous institution of slavery. Turner’s campaign was not inspired by madness, but by the power of the human spirit to oppose brutal injustice. In that same light, we know that the attacks against slavery by John Brown were not insane as well. Race slavery was an institution of mass insanity approved by barbarous law and uncivilized nightmarish tradition. 


         We must penetrate a wall of ignorance by showing that Nat Turner was the Spartacus of his time. The excuse used by racist propaganda was that people that carried out armed attacks against the institution of slavery were mentally unstable. This excuse is very interesting because the treatment of slaves in America was perhaps the most psychotic behavior of barbarism known to man. Slaves were brutally beaten, tortured, and burnedalive, cut into pieces, and made to even hate themselves. After slaves were hanged, sometimes just for fun, pieces of their bodies were removed and kept as souvenirs. Sometimes these “souvenirs” were sold in barber shops or kept over the mantle as a display piece. What kind of insanity is that?


         Nat Turner was inspired by the Bible and led a slave revolt that killed dozens of pro-slavery whites. One must remember that the many whites did not own slaves, but they sure as hell wanted to become wealthy with the use of free labor. In fact, the desire to own slaves was so strong that it was the American dream of many whites during this era. If one could own just a few slaves and some land they could become wealthy almost overnight. Don’t listen to the modern day confederates as they try to invent justifications for slavery. All one has to do is Google the Articles of Secession of any of the southern states and read what the slave owners, or pro-slavery men had to say. All of the southern state legislatures wrote articles indicating that the reasons for the Civil War amounted to racism, slavery, and opposition to abolitionists. They said this themselves! Next time some modern day confederate tries to trick you with fake arguments and fake history, it might be best to just walk away. The Civil War was all about slavery, and even if the majority of southerners owned no slaves they sure as hell wanted to. These same people that owned no slaves also foolishly fought for the plantation class. 


         Nat Turner led his warriors into a battle they could not win, but their sacrifice was aimed at future generations to stand against a brutal psychotic system of human bondage. In 1831, Nat Turner led this historic uprising in Southampton County, Virginia. The fighting only lasted about two days before it was suppressed by slave owners, and their pro-slavery flunky militias. Many people were killed, including the greatest number of white fatalities in any slave rebellion in the history of the United States. Nat Turner was clearly trying to send a message-that black men were men not animals. 


         According to the newest book on Nat Turner, by Dr. Phillip Tucker, “Nat Turner's holy war polarized the nation and set the stage for the opening guns of the Civil War. A humble man of God, Nat Turner gave his life for the dream of bringing liberation to more than two million slaves. Nat Turner's holy war polarized the nation and set the stage for the opening guns of the Civil War.” The book is titled, “Nat Turner’s Holy War to Destroy Slavery,” and is an important contribution to understanding the horrors of slavery and the brave man that left us a legacy of the fighting spirit needed to topple the insane institution of slavery. If ever there was a just war, Nat Turner’s holy war against slavery was just that—a just war of liberation. I am reminded of that dreaded statue in Travis Park, and the name of a High School in San Antonio—Robert E. Lee. The slave owners, and their ancestors, tried for years to reinvent their brutal cause into a “noble” cause. The building of statues to honor men of horror was but a filthy justification for a slave owner war.



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