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Well, their you have it!  The Observer would like to welcome our new Mayor and D2 Council Leadership, Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Councilman William Cruz Shaw.  The people definitely spoke up and put it on paper who they wanted to represent them.  With Mayor Nirenberg stating, "A city for all", and Councilman Cruz Shaw already asking his community, through social media and other outlets, what they would like to see done first- I think were off to a good start. Time will tell as the east side is wayyyyy behind other parts of town.  


We addressed the losses of both incumbents former Mayor Ivy Taylor and former D2 Councilman Alan Warrick in our cover story.  We thank them for their willingness and years they served although the cover story really speaks for itself.  I wish them all the best in all future endeavors.  


I am very hopeful and see a much..much brighter D2, the east side has just been forgotten and we all are living, breathing human beings who deserve the same as anyone else in San Antonio, let's make it show. I am hoping for a lot of simultaneous change that works in concert for our community and the ability to live, work, and play here instead of 'over there'.  We should NEVER just be able to live here but also work here and play here. 



So many parents within our community shed a tear or two (or 3,4,5) if they had a child graduate from high school.  But congratulations to them and most importantly to all the parents who raised and loved these kids and gave them the opportunity to be successful!  Cheers to all of the parents, teachers, coaches, neighbors as it takes a village.  God's speed to all graduates, go be great!  And by the way, if you missed the a graduation you may be in luck, go to www.saobserver.com and search for 'graduations' and you can replay the recorded ceremonies from some of the SAISD high school graduations.  Share them with your friends and family who may not have been able to attend.


Until next week, enjoy no more city politics specifically when it comes to elections!  It can be draining but let's look forward and be excited for where the Mayor and Councilman may lead us.  At the same time we know we will all continue our efforts as a community to push the our community higher and as profound as it should already be.




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