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After spending a week in Atlanta for business, I returned with different feelings and outlooks on many things.  I am far from well traveled but I am not sheltered either- so I thought.  How could I be sheltered living in the nations 6th largest city for the past 17 years, spent a year overseas while in the Army in Korea, and stationed various places around our country?  Well I was, until a week ago.

I visited a city where whites and blacks dined together, shared table space together when it was slim pickings and no staring.  Am I in Candyland? The world where everything sparkles, or have I yet to experience no racial tension at all? Because the racial tension in Atlanta is non existent or so low you wouldn't know it was there if you dies looking for it.


Of course there is a difference when a city is 84% black and that is what Atlanta is but the booming black owned businesses, the no staring, not being scared of ANY cops who walks around as they are part of the community (because they are and act like it) was liberating.  You feel protected and accepted no matter if you walk on your head, if that's normal to you that's normal to them.

The best piece of advice I take back from Atlanta is their police department.  From what I saw they were all black officers patrolling their own- they just walked around and drove around and guess what- you felt protected not the need to exit because you may be profiled- no they waved.

Eastside- reach out to our young ambitious men and women who may be looking to have a hand in history and changing the police relations here in San Antonio.  We were told to police our own, well let's do just that.  When you have those OF the community policing their OWN community who looks and understands the same things.. you get different results.



Doing the same thing over and over is the definition of insanity and I'm not sure what SAPD is doing differently to protect the community and themselves when it comes to recruitment.  You can't recruit a HR person to be a doctor and you can't recruit a racist to be a cop.  Yes we need to support the police, SAPD is to be respected, although where is the out of the box recruitment to actually serve in a way that is the sense of that word? Serve?



If SAPD went outside the box with recruitment bonuses to even recruit black officers from other cities NOW we are talking.  When we talk about funding my question hits back to SAPD- what's more important? Sculley's $100,000 a year bonuses or saving kids lives?



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