November 22, 2017


I was very impressed to hear the vision of the new NAACP President, Attorney Derrick Johnson as he visited with me in San Antonio, Texas as a part of the NAACP national listening tour.  I asked former Texas State Representative Laura Thompson to host the interview at her TAAN TV Studio, in conjunction with the San Antonio Observer newspaper.


President Johnson was clear – he wants to improve the quality of lives for all Black Americans.   He grew up in Detroit, Michigan in a single parented household, and made misfortune into blessings.


A very well educated man, Johnson knows the book learning but he knows life’s experiences.  


President Johnson comes to his new role with great familiarity of the nation’s oldest civil rights organization as a past board member.  Johnson now reports to the Board as the replacement to Cornell Brooks.


I found my time to be well spent as he answered the tough questions to the new agenda for civil rights movement in America.    Look at the video online to hear President Johnson discuss the NAACP advisory concerning American Airlines to working with young people within Black Lives Matter.   President Johnson talked about the importance of working to support Black-owned businesses and being collaborative to work with the organizations like the US Black Chambers, Inc, National Urban League, our Black Churches, and other civic organizations that have important missions to achieve.


President Johnson commended the “excellent and loving leadership of Mr. Oliver Hill” and his wife Minnie Hill.   He created Mr. Hill’s vision for seeing San Antonio as appropriate for a national convention.   Johnson also reiterated the significance of San Antonio is to show the world how the NAACP works in strong diverse communities and to help the city celebrate three hundred year birthday. 


The NAACP 109th Annual Convention will be held at San Antonio’s Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center– July 2018.   The conference will draw up to 10,000 visitors who will generate up to $10 Million Dollars according to Visit San Antonio.   


New NAACP President Derrick Johnson conveyed to me his organization’s strategic plan for the future, how the NAACP will continue to the fight for civil rights amidst a swirling climate of political hostility, voter suppression, income inequality, mass incarceration, police brutality and anti-immigrant sentiment.


Black America you now have to take action.  First, join our local unit in San Antonio as we financial contributors to keep the mission moving forward.  Secondly-  register for the NAACP conference to experience the new NAACP under President Johnson’s leadership.   See you there!






Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the nation’s oldest and largest nonpartisan civil rights organization. Its members throughout the United States and the world are the premier advocates for civil rights in their communities. You can read more about the NAACP’s work and our six “Game Changer” issue areas by visiting




Awarded the NAACP Roy Wilkens Renowned Service Award, Christopher is a Silver Life Member of the NAACP.  He writes his column Black America and chairs the SA Observer Newspaper Editorial Board.  You can read more about his work at or Twitter @ BlackAmerica. 




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