February 7, 2018

Racist Scientists Ruined the World




The term “race” is a false concept that has had horrible consequences.  It came to be associated with African slavery. However, slavery is ancient. It has existed for hundreds of thousands of years. The major difference between ancient slavery and slavery after 1400 is that after this time it was based on skin color for the most part. Sugar plantations and tobacco farms required a large supply of workers to make them profitable for their owners.  Since most of the Native Americans that were used for labor were familiar with the territory and were scattered out they were not used for slaves for very long. Indentured servants were used as slaves for a time, but as economic conditions improved in Europe that pool of labor dried up. 


Unknown to many, indentured servants, and some were black,often ran away and were often treated no better that chattel slaves. The Irish were one of the first to come to America as chattel slaves, and Native Americans were made into slaves for a time. Many Native American slaves and Irish slaves were kidnapped and carried to the Caribbean and to Spain on slave ships. This is ignored or denied by those wanting to put slavery on the backs of Africans as if no other slavery initially existed in America. As a result of the Moorish conquest of Spain skin color became the norm of racist identification. The Moors were black, or dark-skinned people mostly of Islamic faith who conquered Spain and much of Europe for over seven centuries. 


During this period a hatred of dark skinned people there developed the idea of “Blue Blood.” This racialized philosophy spread across Europe and the false concept of race began in its early stages. In the 1700s it developed into a false science that divided humans into invented racial categories. Most of us remember being told that our blood was blue in the body, and when it hit the air it turns red. This is totally false. The reason why blood veins look blue on lighter-skinned individuals is that skin acts like a prism, changing the color appearance on the outside of the skin as light passes through the skin. In any event, the idea of blue blood meant you were white as claimed by Spanish racists. In the 1400s and later, if one had trouble seeing “blue blood” on the back of your hand then the Spanish would say that this person was “contaminated with the blood of the Moors.”


Later, fake science and racist scientists brought “scientific racism” into the world by creating racial terms like “Caucasian.” For example, Pieter Camper, 1722-1789, invented the "facial angle," a ridiculous attempt to determine intelligence among various “species” of people. Christoph Meiners, another racist, 1747-1810, split mankind into two types which he labeled the "beautiful White race," and the "ugly Black race." In Meiners book, The Outline of History of Mankind, he claimed that the main characteristic of race is either beauty or ugliness. He claimed that only the white race was beautiful. He considered ugly races as inferior, immoral and animal like. He claimed that the “black ugly peoples” were distinct from the “white beautiful people” by their lack of “virtue and their terrible vices.” This racist put into the minds of millions a false view that corrupted people’s minds for centuries, and a view that still exists in the minds of millions in America and elsewhere today.


Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, 1752 – 1840, was a German anthropologist. Blumenbach's work included his take on identification of human skulls. This was a founding work for other scientists in a racist inspired field. He divided the human “species” into five races in 1779. Blumenbach's invented five races were the Caucasian or white race, the Mongolian or yellow race, the brown race, the Ethiopian or black race, and the red race which included Native Americans. His work paved the way for more racist science. Hence, “race” is invented when it did not exist before. Today, scientists have concluded that is only one race with many cultures and hence all of this talk about “race” is based on a lie created in the 1400s by the Spanish and turned into a fake science in the 18th Century. 


After the Moors are defeated in Spain oppression began to be developed on the basis of skin color. Also, the African slave trade pushed forward the idea that people with darker skin were inferior. In the 1700s several racist scientists began studying human kind with the goal of making whites superior by using invented science that would give white supremacy a basis, though a false one, that has ruin the world and have millions still thinking something that is totally false.‘Race” is an invented term that was used to justify African slavery and white supremacy.

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