February 28, 2018

One of my readers hinted that the SA Observer should have it's own scorecard on issues that we bring attention to that we have helped to ensure justice for the underdog.   Let's be clear, our position to take on school boards with the "Sex, Drugs, and Basketball" feature did shake a bad teacher from the Central High School.    



Likewise, our #METOO article on Universal City Fire Chief Stephen Darnell resulted in his removal from a powerful position.   For me, to stand up with three or more women, who faced the violence of a man, whose record of domestic violence went under the radar because we found government agencies had not reported these "guilty" verdicts is troubling.  The investigative nature of a journalist is to find truth and report it, that is what we do.  I want to commend my staff and community team in helping us to achieve victories within our Black community.    




In this edition, I am sad to report the City of San Antonio appears to have jeopardized the opportunity of employment for African Americans.    Based on a Twitter accusation of this claim and remembering this same topic came forward with the suggestion to hire more Black police officers for the East Side community made me contact the Twitter person for more details.  After seeing the numbers, why does San Antonio's history show so much hatred towards Black people.    Not surprisingly many former City employees are validating the story with their details.  Our neighbors, the City of Austin was proclaimed to be one of the strong places that support Black people, have seen this story and are using parts of our cover story to further make their point about being strong supporters of their black community.  


How does the City Manager Sheryl Sculley, again appear to block Blacks from being hired and promoted?  Wasn't this the same issue the FCC has had to contend with Black businesses getting contracts?    The same person runs this city and has taken away your liberties and degraded your lives.  This is our new fight.  As I look at the City of San Antonio's staff that put together the 300 Year celebration, it is in your face.  No Black employees are qualified to shape the historic celebrations of OUR City.   This is a visible sign that BLACK people do not matter.   You will also read about Bexar County shutting minority business out.   No wonder we can't even receive Voter poll locations as other papers are contracted to receive.  Why?   Because we are a Black newspaper... no Black business is really doing anything substantial with the county.  This is why you need to exercise your VOTE - vote them out!


I hope Mayor Ron Nirenberg and the rest of the City Council make a quick decision to apologize and to make this right.  Call the Council and tell them no more violation of Civil Rights Act of 1964 - No Mas!   


District 1. Roberto C. Treviño. 210.207.7279.

District 2. William 'Cruz' Shaw. 210.207.7278.

District 3. Rebecca J. Viagran.

District 4. Rey Saldana. 210.207.7281.

District 5. Shirley Gonzales. 210.207.7043.

District 6. Greg Brockhouse. 210.207.7065.

District 7. Ana Sandoval. 210.207.7044.

District 8. Manny Pelaez 210-207-7086. 

District 9. John Courage 210.207.7325 and District 10 Clayton Perry 210.207.7276.   


As Dr King would say, "Why We Can't Wait"!



Ensure your district elected council member hears your concerns as well as they have asked for your vote and have a true responsibility to you as their constituents.  


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