Update: Job Infractions Against African-Americans In San Antonio

March 14, 2018



















After running our last two stories which you see pictured above (click above to read each cover story) we reached out to our District 2 Councilman- Councilman William "Cruz" Shaw.  The SA Observer asked the office of Councilman Shaw if he had spoke to anyone in the city about the 1500 jobs article that Black people have been shortchanged in  San Antonio and Bexar County.  We asked the Councilman what actions he would propose, if any to have our percentage of employment increase to the same levels or greater than Austin, Texas. 

His office replied, "Upon reading about The SA Observer’s troubling discovery,

Councilman Shaw reached out to the [City of San Antonio] Office of Equity for info on what the city currently does to ensure all are adequately and equitably represented in city employment.  He learned that this year, the Office of Equity worked closely with seven City departments (Department of Human Services, Government and Public Affairs, Office of Innovation, Office of Management and Budget, Neighborhood and Housing Services Department, Planning Department, Transportation and Capital Improvements) to maximize the impact of 6 different City initiatives, ensuring equity across the board. The Councilman supports the expansion of the City's equity strategy to serve ALL departments, including the advancement of workforce equity through the Human Resources Department."

Furthermore, they replied, "The Councilman strongly believes that our community should have equal access to employment opportunities and will do everything he can within his role to ensure more is done. Representation matters and he practices what he preaches - just look at his staff...diverse in age, background, gender."

"Councilman Shaw is going to be asking for data on African Americans recruited, hired/promoted, and retained here at the city and is requesting that this be brought up in his Community Health & Equity Committee Meeting with his colleagues because we can talk about equity all day, but the numbers have to show it. Once this is on the agenda, our office will share the meeting info so you all can be present, so our community's voices can be heard. He will continue to advocate for true equity."



SA Civil Rights Attorney Tess House responds, "each person who feels unlawful discrimination has occurred in their employment with the City [or Bexar County] may qualify for legal redress."



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