Charter Schools are taking over San Antonio and it’s not good for the home team. I almost can name more charter schools off the top of my head than I can public schools. I say that because charter school ads surround us- especially on the Eastside of San Antonio which is San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD). The ads are on bus stops, billboards galore, hanging street signs and everywhere else.

Our public schools don’t have the income or budget as these charter school’s do from many grant funds they receive for just putting up walls and hiring a teacher.  Its almost like a get rich thing now or at-least it seems that way.  We have teachers who’ve provided their blood sweat and tears (including providing supplies for your kids out of their own pocket) and are now losing their teaching jobs as charter schools take over and take all the kids with them.

We all know the heads of the charter schools and who’s school is whose- but at the end of the day wether your their friend or not they just took away the American Dream from 132 teachers who simply wanted to have a JOB and a purpose to be with children and made it about money. Because one things for sure and two things are for certain- particular areas are doused in Charter Schools that target lower income students.  Anyone of the group of charter school owners/founders - whichever you prefer to call them has just screwed SAISD and the teachers who cried tears of the unfortunate news and the unknown future.


Taj Matthew's Facebook post regarding the termination of SAISD teachers

If charter school proponents/founders/owners are truly a part of this community they will scale back and take a deep look at what they are DOING to the children who love their teachers about to be let go from SAISD. But that’s not what’s going to happen. What is going to happen is secretly they are somewhere trying to capitalize on the misfortune of others to increase their own bottom line.

How sad that the children are the money.

To all Charter Schools- we welcome you but respect our welcome. With that respect comes adding to our community value and not being a crab at the bottom of the barrel pulling anything down that is making it happen for blacks and browns - just like you did to all these teachers of SAISD fervently educating our students.  You didn’t think 5 steps ahead at what this could do if you added ANOTHER school.  One person told me a very true statement one time- “Don’t be a hog, hogs get slaughtered.  Just be a pig.  Pigs get fed.” That was the truest statement ever.  It’s not always about you and how much you can do.  Pick the one thing your good at and just do it the RIGHT way.  That’s what some charter schools have NOT done for this community- because for them it is not about this community it is about them.  

It is sad that Charter Schools went TO FAR in San Antonio and will hopefully not be the new Walmart of Schools but that is up to us.

How do we fix this? Send your kids to public school! The Charter School loses money for each kid they DO NOT have but that child doesn’t lose they have an abundance of great SAISD public schools. Not one school is free from error but when our backbone and OUR school district must let go of MANY teachers it’s time to act.

Charter schools came in and this was the goal get as many kids as possible because each kid is money- they achieved it let us take it back.

Support our teachers. Support our kids, they are not dollar bills y’all.

Just be a pig Charter Schools DON'T be a hog.  We stand with SAISD teachers and GO PUBLIC.





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