August 15, 2018

Tha1 Radio Gives Backpacks to Dozens of Community Kids


Tha1 collected backpacks to distribute to the community this year as our kids embarked upon the 2018-2019 school year.  There goal was to provide extra backpacks to the schools just in case a child may arrive without while also ensuring they made themselves available to families in need of these back to school items as well.  


When Back to School time hits, so does your pocket but with community resources such as Tha1 owned by Neka Cleaver she ensures it doesn't hit your pocket THAT hard.  "My favorite family was 2 boys and a mom.  The boys are headed to Sam Houston and Mom is enrolled at the new Community and Schools here on the East Side to better her education", said Neka Cleaver.


Through so many individual efforts where space doesn't allow for names the East Side Community thanks you deeply.  So many community members aided Tha1 to be able to send 110 Bags to MLK Academy, 30 extra bags to Davis Middle School and 30 additional ones to Douglas.  Tha1 assisted 10 families with not only back to school needs but also with personal bags that would be shared by a family of 6.  


Donations came from all over to spread the love and giving of neighbors, "Our own District 2 office, 4- live Tha1 Radio listeners donated, 3 Tha1 Advertisers and Tha1 Employees were all donors to this great back to school give back", Neka Cleaver stated also that "Stuff is still coming in so we are still dropping off supplies to schools this week".  


Also known as Miss Neka, the community appreciates all of your efforts as Tha1 headed up a sensational give back in the way of back packs for our kids.  We asked Miss Neka what her vision was for next year if she continues this awesome giveback, she ended with, "Our end goal is to one day supply the entire East Side with backpacks.  That would be about 14,000 backpacks in all.  I believe that together we can do it.  So, we are already working to make the connections now so that next year backpacks can be hanging on student chairs the 1st day of school!!! No kid left behind!".


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