September 5, 2018

Business Awards by SAGE were a huge success flip the pages and see all the awards given to awesome Eastside Businesses who keep grinding every day!  Congrats to all winners it is greatly deserved for each and every one of you!

Now let’s ‘JUST DO IT’ let’s just ‘SAY IT’ - KSAT labeled one of our east side streets ‘troubled’.  If you see the graphic below do you see anywhere where it says who said that if your reading the headline? No.  But if you read further it was good ol Chief McManus- we know bro you despise us.  But for KSAT to pick that ONE quote and highlight it as such below means they have labeled a WHOLE street to basically being worthless to include kids.




When stone oak gets shot up or robbed we will wait to see if they get the headline ‘TROUBLED STONE OAK STREET’- I will keep breathing because if I held my breath I’d die. 

Way to throw a bunch of families under the bus KSAT!  I’m sure you missed the awards but your right there at the shooting calling us worthless- basically.  We don’t expect more from you but we would hope that Black KSAT reporters would hook up their counterparts with the ‘thats not cool’ talk at the water cooler- still I will keep breathing because your no where near community oriented when you single out one street as if it should be erased. Shame to suggest this whole ENTIRE street is worthless at a time like the one they are going through now.  Stick to the story and trash your trash talk.  

You got your headline- change it to stone oak next time because they will (again) have a shooting- Again I will continue breathing.  Hopefully KSAT will cover something and have some morality next time before a 7 year old picks up history and realizes his mainstream TV reporters think his 7 year old self is TROUBLED.  Bullies- that's what this is.  



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