December 26, 2018


Merry and happy everything to all! It’s just that unknown ‘something’ during the holidays, that no matter your beliefs, you feel it. Wether your driving through trees that light the road your traveling or a kind gesture from a stranger comes out of no where, it’s a joyful time. I’m not sure I need to believe anything (hypothetically) to enjoy this seasons gifts. The gifts of joy, giving (giving of our hearts not $), and the hope and wonder that the holiday sites and lights bring.

Some say ‘I wish it were Christmas all year round’. Not because of gifts or the actual meaning but because of the happiness is brings everywhere no matter who you are. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard someone say ‘all these lights are the ugliest thing ever invented’. Enjoy each other and your family - those who have a break from work- enjoy you yourself and then more of you. I think in today’s world we all need to concentrate on ourselves a little bit more in this New Year. We are all a little more stressed and a little more aware these days and that can take a toll. Sometimes we just need to breathe and live like cell phones were never invented.

As we go into the new year, I myself, am getting away from the phone. I want to be present at dinner, while visiting and while visiting with myself. I have started with putting the phone on silent each night when I know work is over and my eyes belong elsewhere besides my phone. It’s actually liberating- join me and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours, it’s truly wonderful to live amongst all of you, our neighbors, and here’s to another year!







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