“Race” is a Totally False Concept

January 16, 2019

According to American Scientist, “An anthropologist who proposed using race as a serious way of describing human variability would be laughed out of the profession—not for reasons of political correctness, but because the idea displays a manifest ignorance of biology. More than 60 years ago, M. F. Ashley Montagu demolished the concept of “race” in his book, Man’s Most Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy of Race (1945). Nevertheless, like many a bad idea, the notion persists that there is some useful purpose in classifying humanity into five, six or a dozen races. But it persists at the margins of anthropology, among popular-science books and in the nonscientific imagination. Living humans share too recent a common ancestor for there to be many deep-seated biological differences among us. From an evolutionary standpoint, we are all Africans.”


The American Scientist Website goes on to say, “Race is folk taxonomy, not science. The variables used to organize it, such as skin color and hair texture, are arbitrary choices. A case can be made that the concept of discrete European, African, Asian and American races probably arose from the medieval theory that variation in human behavior reflected imbalances . . . .” in the way they look different.  Racist scientists in the 1700s invented the idea of “race,” and literally created a race that did not exist before that; the “White Race.” Before there was a white race or even a black race, there was no race at all. People were identified by religion or culture. “So-called whites were something else before Johann Blumenbach and Carl Linnaeus, 18th Century racist scientists, collapsed the Irish, the Germans, the Italians, the Spanish, and others into whiteness. Why did this happen? The powers of that time wanted to create a united idea of their superiority, white supremacy, and in order to do so that had to take away European ethnic identities and create an invented race.


Additionally, the Moors, Black North Africans, and their conquest of parts of Europe, led to the Spanish pushing the idea that lighter skin was superior. The Moors conquered most of Spain and had great influence in other areas of Europe as well. They left behind their language; many Spanish words are Arabic in origin, their culture, and the ending and beginning spellings of zal, ez, fez, Al, and many others. Wow, wonder if Rachel Dolezal (zal) knows that? In any event, we know from science that there is no white race or black race; there are only human beings with different physical characteristics. But, try to tell this to the ignorant and those that still believe in the false concept of race…..they will attack you like wolves. White supremacy has a vested interest in keeping alive the idea that races exist!


American Scientist goes on to say, “A belief in discrete races might also have arisen from a shift from overland travel by caravan to the use of ocean-going watercraft in the 15th century A.D. Prior to this period, voyagers traveling overland and sailors making frequent landfalls would have observed gradual changes in the appearance of the people they encountered. With longer oceanic voyages and less frequent landfalls, differences appeared more stark, leading to categorical models of human variation, such as race. Tellingly, most racial classifications of humans postdate this innovation in marine transportation. Whatever their origins, racial classifications are not informed by prior knowledge or compelling evidence that these physical characteristics are biologically significant. Yes, there are geographic differences in human biology and, perhaps, in vulnerabilities to particular diseases. But seeing these differences as meaningfully organized around race is a distraction from the search for the actual social, economic and physiological causes of these diseases.”





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