To those that join us on our beloved east side every year for the March honoring the life of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr - thank you. Don’t let this be the only time of year you’re on this side of town, though. The east side of San Antonio is not here to provide a “feel good” moment for your campaign, your company, or your family as we partake in the largest MLK march in the nation. We have something to offer the other 364 days of the year too.



The east side is a vibrant community filled with some of the richest culture in our city’s 300 year history. Local news stations may only highlight the bad, but there is so much good. Don’t let these stories of “violence” or “crime” deter you. Crime is everywhere. Dr. King taught us that “people fail to get along because they fear each other.” So we ask you: what are you so afraid of? Is it our larger-than-life personalities? Is it the passion that so many mistake for anger? Is it the unknown?

You want our votes but you don’t block walk over here or spend your campaign advertising dollars with our black news outlets.

You expect us to be glad you’re marching with us but you’re not here when we fight to secure contracts for small black businesses. You want to walk arm and arm with us but you’re not here when we spend our Saturday mornings cleaning up our neighborhoods. You don’t know our community, you don’t know the beauty of our hood.

Come get to know us.



Get to know Sergio when you eat the best steak and egg sandwich in San Antonio at Pancho’s and Gringo’s. Volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club with Mr. Kevin’s amazing kids. Sip sweet kool- aid as you eat the best dang catfish in town at Mrs. Kitchen. Learn about the community-policing efforts our SAPD SAFFE officers are working on at Cameron Elementary and beyond. Join the seniors from the Claude Black community center for karaoke.

We guarantee you will fall in love with our community. You just have to make the effort. Support our small businesses. Invest into the black artists, photographers, writers, and leaders of tomorrow. Show people that you care about us more than once a year. Then we can call ourselves a “compassionate” city.

What are you waiting for?



 All Photos By: PALMWINE



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