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This week, what is a Chamber of Commerce?


What is a chamber of commerce? A chamber of commerce is a local association to promote and protect the interests of the business community in a particular place. This is the dictionary definition of a Chamber of Commerce.


The United States Chamber of Commerce is the world's largest business organization representing the interests of more than 3 million businesses.


The US Chamber of Commerce (US hits the key initiatives they advocate for on their chamber members behalf. To note a few- advocacy, community, communications and leadership.


These initiatives are important especially when we look at advocacy. Advocating for pro-business policies that create jobs and grow our economy should be a primary focus of a chamber of commerce. They also focus on community and as a chamber offer access to the latest resources, information, and best practices in advocacy and communications.


The US chamber has a nationally recognized team of lobbyists, communicators, and policy experts to advance the business community interests.


Having a working knowledge of the basic core competencies, of a chamber of commerce, is important when understanding if a Chamber of Commerce is being led toward success or is following a path towards failure of its people’s particular interest.


What is particular interest / particular place and what does it mean as used in the definition of a chamber of commerce? The meaning is simple, you serve the businesses of your chamber by furthering their growth. The US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce serves its Hispanic community nationally, as does the US Black Chamber of Commerce and the US Asian chamber of Commerce. Your Black chambers serve the black, the Hispanic chambers serve the Hispanic and so on. Those are the what ‘particular interests’ means when pertaining to chamber of commerces.


Chambers of commerce’s can be of great resource to the particular interest they serve (according to its purpose- Asian, Hispanic, Black, etc) to their business members.


With a foundational understanding of a chamber of commerce, we look now into our own backyard. The Alamo City Black Chamber of Commerce serves the particular interests of Black people. We will first get to know the members that make up the board of the Alamo City Black Chamber of Commerce.


Next week join us here as we get to know

Mrs. Sha-Rone V. Reyes, First Vice Chair,    

Alamo City Black Chamber of Commerce,

Board of Directors.

Pictured:  Mrs. Sha-Rone V. Reyes


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