D2 City Council run off candidate- Jada Andrews-Sullivan may be a rookie but rookie mistakes are not what  voters look for when they have been disregarded for years.  For years D2 residents have been told I am here to change your world.  And yet, nothing happens.  Voters are spending their time divulging candidate info as we move into the June 8th run off with early voting beginning again on May 28th.

When we learned of the financial backings of Jada- they are all developers, family out of state possibly and friends out of district/state (according to financial records and last names and the
donators zip codes).

All of Jada's other donations are from the Mitch Meyer- Hays St. Bridge Guy (all developers) and his whole family showed up to give Jada $500 each.  How nice!  But, again a rookie mistake that Jada just did not have the intrinsic knowledge on who she's taking money from or where she is spending it.  Where are  the advisers?  Who is leading Jada that would allow her to go down a rabbit hole?  I would be looking at
my team if I was led astray when they have this basic campaign knowledge and further more intrinsic community knowledge.

So where did Jada spend the money?

Beauty Products and Fashion top the list as her one of her frequent spots to hit each week.  Here is a list of the stores Jada has spent a portion her supporters campaign dollars at:

1. Melrose Fashions
2. Citi Trends Fashions
3. B&P Beauty Store
4. Hair City
5. Vogue





We assume Jada is not being led correctly by her leadership in her own race.  They are well aware you may not use campaign funds for personal use, especially not to go to the 'salon' per se.   So where will Jada spend dollars if she is overseeing millions?  

I wouldn't take my chances.   


Sounds like a big red flag for voters.  Your decision.  Your vote.  Stay informed.

The SA Observer reached out to Jada but did not receive a reply by publication deadline.






Jada's Complete Finance Report Can Be Found Here.  In Search for Candidate field type Sullivan and it will populate the data.



Here is the first page on the City of San Antonio website, the source for the story.










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