The Nieman Lab explains how Nonprofit news organizations were supposed to be journalism’s next great hope.  Like a rocket shooting from the dying planet of print news, nonprofit outlets were supposed to be able to focus on the tough, gritty investigative reporting newspapers were no longer doing enough of while not being beholden to advertisers.  We are sure our neighbors understand where the grit, toughness and investigating comes from in San Antonio as we put it out each and every week.




For 25 years the San Antonio Observer has stood for reporting the truth, we have garnered what every other business has, 50% like you and 50% don’t.  That’s life, that’s business and that is the way the world works.  One thing we will do to report the truth is turn money away.  The Observer has turned away money that is dirty, money that lies, and money that deceits our people.  We will always be unbought and unbossed.  Our transparency is 100% - we hide nothing, and we believe the people have a right to know all.




So how does Robert Rivard get away with using his 501(C)3 IRS approved nonprofit “report/blog” to strike out at political candidates?  Is he receiving government funds for his non-profit to report these types of things?  Do those government funds support the candidates he does?  In last week’s article we showed how San Antonio Express News is calling the shots with Mayor Ron Nirenberg.  Former Editor Bruce Davidson, as the Mayor’s Communications Director, is unleashing personal attack after personal attack against Councilman Greg Brockhouse.   This weekend during the Memorial Holiday, Councilman Keith Toney, our Bronze Star Veteran, was slighted by Robert Rivard, over his opponent Jada Sullivan.    Jada was described as a disabled U.S. Army veteran while Toney's Bronze Star US Army service was not referenced at all.    



As a nonprofit, can they "endorse" candidates?  Does this mean all the donors to this non-profit support the political candidates this blog pushes?  If the Mayor has his right-hand man from the media by his side- you will never get the whole truth.  They are not investigatory- they have no grit and the toughness is weak at best according to the Nielman Lab report and what nonprofit journalism should look like.  Robert Rivard is interesting as a possible pick for the Mayors right hand replacement should Ron win.  The-question is- if Ron does not win how much more do we believe in the Rivard Report and the Express News? 


Rivard is on thin ice.  His blog cultivates disparaging other news media companies to include the SA Observer.   The nonprofit appears to shape their audience’s discussion by pushing what some have called “Suspect”.   Who knows, Robert Rivard may be in position to succeed Bruce Davidson (Express-News) if the Mayor is re-elected.    This is how organized Mafia works.  If this nonprofit was what is was supposed to be- gritty, investigative and tough they would tell you about the tough, the gritty and they would investigate.  


Bob Rivard has a long controversial history.  He "resigned" from the Express News in September 2011.   The San Antonio Current described the situation best.   "But, as editor, Rivard has also been criticized for spiking in-house pieces.” And earlier this year, in a post picked up by Jim Romenesko's blog at Poynter, former Current editor Elaine Wolff, now of Plaza de Armas, details how Rivard squashed a column by Express News writer Scott Stroud claiming H-E-B stores in San Antonio’s East Side are in dire need of renovation and stocked with produce and meat the company wouldn't sell in wealthier parts of town.  A close adviser to District 2, Councilwoman Ivy Taylor years ago, had been fed up that H-E-B had yet to commit to renovating its East Side stores.  In quick back-and-forth with Miller, Rivard wrote: “Scott Stroud’s column about renovation of the H-E-B stores on this city’s Eastside did not meet editors’ standards and thus was not published."   Even though Rivard hid the story and did not run it,

H-E-B has been a huge community supporter and has cleaned up the Eastside stores and supported so many businesses and neighborhoods in our community and city.


But Robert Rivard has a self serving platform. Every relationship isn’t chummy chummy, but when you have the ‘know how’ to be a leader of any sort, you are able to keep close business relationships while still helping each other see blind spots things get done- not trashed.  This is related to all situations and relationships in life.


Maybe Ron Nirenberg's "The City You Deserve" and Rivard's "nonprofit journalism for a better San Antonio"  are good match to what the secret holds.




Karen Rodriguez, says on May 27 at 9:13 AM… “no Nirenberg is the one running a smear campaign. I met Mr. Brockhouse, he is a man of integrity. I passed Nirenberg at HEB, he didn’t so much as smile, before campaigning started.”


“Did you see the smear campaign on Brockhouse this week where activists tried to paint him as a wife beater? Annalisa Brockhouse says it never happened. Democrats used to believe the woman. Now they'll burn your life to the ground with baseless allegations, just like they did to Judge Kavanaugh”, says Sean Henderson.  He adds, “Nirenberg showed he is willing to waive the rights of others that don't share his world view, that is a form of integrity. Do we want a city that the F.A.A. has to investigate for discrimination? 


Robert Gonzalez a Brockhouse supporter states on Facebook, “[We] need honest politicians that will not sellout our communication. Look at the forgotten communities in the east, south and Southside. Look at the high property taxes, the gentrification, back room deals at city hall, the massive changes downtown, economic inequality and the list goes on. Some of these areas have not had any economic development for decades.  Many citizens are apathetic about politics because of this, others are angry, look what happened during charter amendment elections. Citizens are not stupid they know City Hall Insiders, real estate developers, sell outs and their lobbyists are I'm controlling the agenda at City Hall. The time for change is now the time for change is coming.  It not only about voting for sellout, it about getting representatives with integrity that will representative the forgotten communities too.”


We would hope the Rivard ‘Report’ would hold true to its mission - "nonprofit journalism for a better San Antonio" should not be a pawn for the Mayor IF he magically gets re-elected.



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