Found- Andreen McDonald, Now At Peace

July 16, 2019



Human Remains found, confirmed to

be those of Andreen McDonald who

was last seen alive February 28th 


On February 28th, Andreen McDonald was last seen alive through surveillance at a McDonald’s, with her daughter, around 6:30 pm.  Until now, her location has been unknown and feared to be found deceased which was reported by the Bexar County Sheriff’s office last Saturday the 13th of July.  Andreen McDonald’s body, explained investigators, “was underneath cow bones and skulls”.  Some remains were not found which was said to be the cause of animals mobbing them to different part around the land.  


Andreen’s body was discarded off the 600 block of Specht Road, which is east of Camp Bullis on a private property when a friend of the property discovered the remains and called Law Enforcement.  Family and Friends mourned Andreen and remembered her Sunday, July 14th in a vigil service where her remains were found.



Andre McDonald (Air Force Reservist Major), Andreen’s husband, whom was previously arrested for tampering with evidence and placed on house arrest is now charged with the murder of Andreen McDonald, his wife, and is being held on a $2 Million Dollar Bond.  


Women in the country are dying at the very hands of those that are supposed to protect them.  Domestic violence in San Antonio is high with 74% of Texans having either themselves or had a family member and/or a friend experience some form of domestic violence. 120+ Women in Texas have been killed by their intimate partner while Family Violence in Texas has involved over 186,868 incidents according to the Bexar County Family Justice Center.


Where are the safeguards for women?  If women try to report domestic violence, they are told to leave the man. Leaving is ideal, but not always the safe route.  Abusers threaten harm to your children and scare you dead, feeling as though you must stay to stay alive.  Victims of abuse usually are planning how to escape their abuser although the abuser may strike before the time the victim can get out safely.  If you or anyone you know is in danger, investigate the many resources for victims of domestic violence.  If those are not options for you then seek advice from a Church Pastor, a Church friend, a wise and caring family member, anyone you feel safe talking to.  You are never alone.


Andreen’s memory and legacy will live on through her daughter and the masses of family and friends that cared, loved and adored her.   Andreen was a strikingly gorgeous young successful woman in her late twentie’s whom had managed to build a successful, thriving business before she even thought of turning 30.  Andreen’s passion for caring for others led her to create Starlight Homes where assisted living services are provided.  Some explain Starlight Homes is like the home some never had or had once again with loving employees that became all family to one another.  


The loss of Andreen has been devastating on her Daughter, Mother, Father, Family, Friends and her adored Starlight Homes Family.


She is now the Star and the Light she has always been to others here on earth, now in heaven.  Rest in peace Andreen.  Your legacy will never die, your star will always shine through every light. 


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