October 1, 2019

10 New Amendments, Stay Informed with The Power of One


The Power of One, is a small group of six community activists within the community. 


The concern and cause to begin this group, to collect and disseminate information, came at the impact of not voting, by some, and the impact of a lack of knowledge of the issues, whenever there is a upcoming election. These concerns are now met with more solutions to reach all people In all places. 


“We have met to discuss these issues, and decided to address them in a forum style” said Gordon Benjamin.


"What's On The Ballot?" is a set of community forums, designed to provide the public with information on the upcoming, November 5th, ballot.  An overview of the ten amendments being voted on will also be their focus.  Throughout the next few weeks and months we will also see the ten amendments being voted on divulged within these pages for digestion.  We must understand what we truly are voting for.


The forums are scheduled for:


October 19th and October 26th, at the Carver Branch Library, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. 


You may follow The Power Of One on their Facebook page @ThePowerofOne2019 for all contact purposes.  




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