Student Successes at Sam Houston High School


Hello SAISD Parents,


This week I wanted to share with you some exciting news about our Sam Houston High school students. First, our band placed 1st in the UIL Sweepstakes this past week and they also have seven students going to State. The Academic Decathlon students won nine medals at the state competition in Dallas this past weekend. These are just a few of our significant accomplishments at our school this month. As a community, we should be proud that our students are paving the way for other students to find a way to show the world that despite our zip code, we do have many successful stories.



The success of these students all started with a teacher that believed they could change the world.  The heart of a teacher is made of several parts, one that begins with a hope of a better tomorrow; then, as they begin their collegiate journey, their heart blooms into a more significant piece that as they complete their degree. Then the heart starts to believe that as they graduate that they will be sent to schools where they can make a difference. See, the heart and soul of a teacher starts with the joy of teaching and helping children become successful. As teachers move forward with their careers, this is where some get lost in all the political red tape of what Texas demands from our teachers. It’s between standardized testing, after school help, Saturday school that by the end of the week, they become exhausted and overwhelmed. But there are a few teachers that no matter the obstacles they face their up to the challenge. It’s these teachers that have made the sacrifice to help all their students to ensure that they become the best student they can. So, know that at Sam Houston, we have many teachers and staff that are willing to make that sacrifice for our children.



The heart of a teacher is one that consists of a strong will, knowledge, and the willingness to put all their lives on hold to help their students. Lastly, teachers aren’t doing this for the pay they do it to change our children’s world.


As we approach the retake of the STARR’S, I am looking for some students or teachers that can help some of our Sam Houston students with retaking the upcoming EOC’S in English 1 and 2 along with Biology and Algebra.


If anyone can help, please contact me at



Have a Blessed Week,



Lena Lopez





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