Does the “Simply Straight” brush really work?

December 21, 2016



SAN ANTONIO - If you've ever used a flat iron to straighten your hair, you know how much of a pain it can be. Well, there's a new straightening brush out there called "Simply Straight." It's an "As Seen On TV" product that promises "salon quality results" in less time. So I took it to a hair salon to let a stylist try it before you buy it.


The promise from the TV commercial, “When it's time to straighten your curly hair you could spray on the chemicals, waste your time with a hairdryer and brush and waste even more time with a flat iron that literally flattens and fries your hair - or you can simply brush your hair straight instantly!”


Simply Straight is simply a brush; only the bristles in this brush are ceramic and can heat up to 450 degrees. It retails for around $40, but we got it on for around $20 


The commercial goes on to say, “it combines the power of a flat iron with the gentle styling ability of a brush to make straightening your hair as easy as brushing your hair.”

Petra Williams is a professional hair stylist and owns Petra's Hair Salon and Boutique on the far Northwest Side. She also has a full head of gorgeous, naturally curly hair.

But we never want we have, right?


“I've always wanted straight hair,” said Petra.


She's tried all kinds of products to get it straight, so she was excited to try ‘Simply Straight’ for us.


“I'm always looking for the next great thing,” she said.


For her hair, she cranked it all the way up - and gave it a go.


“Wow...look at that!”


Looks like it's working.




It's really easy to use, and since the source of the heat is coming from one side instead of two, like with a flat iron, she says the damage to the hair is minimal, not to mention the difference in price.


“A good flat iron will run you between 100 and 200 dollars.”


The only downside? it doesn't get your hair as smooth as a flat iron and you can't get close to the root of your hair. So, for that reason, she's giving the simply straight...

“I'm gonna give it a half thumbs up,” said Petra.


But all-in-all, she thinks this product is a good buy. 






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