SAPD Assistant Chief of Police gives life changing gift just before Christmas

December 28, 2016


San Antonio- In a time where tensions are flaring across our nation between police and the public, a single mother and her two sons are entering the new year with a special friend who high ranked in the San Antonio Police Department.


Around this time last year, the feeling of being a worry free kid felt so far from reach for 8-year-old Mykal Byrd and his 6-year-old brother Kyron.


“I remember my youngest son consoling my oldest Mykal, it's because Santa doesn't know where we are that's why we don't have any presents,” said Lacey Byrd, broken down in tears.


Lacey Byrd a single mother of two was stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

After leaving the army she and her sons moved to San Antonio.


Lacey says the transition was challenging and weighed heavy on their hearts.

For a while, the family even had to sleep in their car.


“Just thinking this time last year, I didn't know what I was going to do,” said Lacey.

However, this year their lives are completely different.


Mykal and Kyron are happy.


A part of it has to do with the moments shown in a picture of Mykal and San Antonio Police Department's Assistant Chief of Police James Flavin.


Lacey's son is autistic and without any direction from his mother, Mykal sparked a conversation with Chief Flavin.


It's something she says was out of the ordinary for her son.


“They talked as if they were best friends and they had never met each other,” said Lacey.


“Knowing that we made a connection that day I felt like it was something I really needed to do,” said assistant Chief Flavin.


Chief Flavin befriended Mykal and Kyron.


“Chief doesn't even know that I was you know the stuff that we went through last year,” said Lacey.


He took them out for a day of fun exploring headquarters, eagle, including a tour of a fire station.


He says the connection he made with Mykal and Kyron are happening with other kids throughout the city.


“Officers are out there doing that every day,” said Chief Flavin.


For Lacey, it was a life changing gift that's led to a lasting friendship. One that's leaving a lasting impression in the hearts her and her two sons.


“He would never know how much it impacted me I’ll never forget it,” said Lacey.

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