2016 Was One of Chicago's Bloodiest Years in Decades

January 4, 2017


Following last year's "unacceptable rise in violence," the Chicago Police Department announced plans New Year's Day to quell city violence headed into 2017.


Data made available by the department shows 2016 was one of the most violent years in the city since the mid '90s, with more than 750 murders reported. To combat the rise in violence, police aim to tailor response to different neighborhoods and crack down on repeat violent offenders.


"In total there were 762 murders, 3,550 shooting incidents, and 4,331 shooting victims in 2016. These totals represent a completely unacceptable rise in violence," police said. "According to two reports from the Brennan Center for Justice and the University of Chicago Crime Lab, this is similar to increases being seen in other major cities including: Boston, San Antonio, San Jose, San Diego, Memphis, Austin, Indianapolis and others."


Murders saw a 10 percent uptick nationwide in 2015, the most recent year available, according to an FBI report released this September. That was driven by violence in large cities, like Chicago, but the report noted violent crime is far down from historic highs.


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