Obama responds to San Antonio boy's letter, makes his day

January 11, 2017


SAN ANTONIO -- Tens of thousands of letters from across the country arrive each day at the Oval Office. One of those letters was from Cub Scout, Isaiah Garcia, from San Antonio.


After three months of waiting, he received a response in the mail Saturday afternoon.

Isaiah sent his letter to the Commander in Chief back in September.


This was part of a Cub Scouts project. The boys had to write a letter to one famous person and request an autographed picture in return.


Isaiah chose Barack Obama.


"Because he's awesome and he's our 44th president," Isiah said.


The 7-yead-old sent the letter through The White House website and transcribed it for safe-keeping.


"Dear Barack Obama, I am in Cub Scouts. I am a wolf in Pack 190," wrote Isaiah. "I want your autograph, please. When you leave The White House, I'm going to miss you very much. Thank you for taking care of our country. Your friend, Isaiah Garcia."


Isaiah included a heart by his signature, adding that it's drawn for "special people only."


Saturday, his routine mail check was surely a moment he will never forget. Inside the mailbox was an envelope from the U.S. Capital addressed to Isaiah Garcia.

"I pulled it out and I told my dad it was from The White House and it said my name," said Isaiah. "It was a picture of Barack Obama and it had his autograph."

At the bottom of the photo is the president's autograph, reading "All the best, Barack Obama."


"We were cooking and Isaiah walked in the door screaming, 'Mee-maw! Mee-maw!" He had an envelope in his hand and he said, 'Look what I got! I got a letter from the president!" said Garcia's grandmother, Elvira Espinoza.


Isaiah plans to frame the letter and envelope and hang it up in his room.


"To him it's special, it might not be special to anybody else," said Espinoza, skeptical at first about her grandson receiving a response due to the influx of letters to The White House. "I'm thankful that they were at least able to send that to him."


The 44th president hands over the reins to Donald Trump on Friday, Jan. 20, Inauguration Day.


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