'Badass' Feminists

January 25, 2017


Over one million women showed up at various women’s marches throughout the country on Saturday, rallying for women’s rights on President Donald Trump’s first full day in office. And Texas women were a big part of the movement. Some of them gathered in Washington, D.C., for the main event, according to the Houston Chronicle, but plenty showed out at sister marches right here in the Lone Star State.


The numbers are impressive: 50,000 marchers packed the streets in Austin; 22,000 gathered in Houston; as many as 9,000 in Fort Worth and 8,000 in Dallas; more than a thousand in San Antonio; 2,500 in Denton; at least 1,000 in El Paso; 500 in Amarillo; 350 in Lubbock; more than 300 in Brownsville; hundreds in Beaumont and Nacogdoches; 200 in Abilene; more than 150 in Wichita Falls; about 100 in Corpus Christi; about fifty people marched in Midland, and another fifty in College Station; and even in cold, rainy Alpine, nearly 100 marchers trekked about 1.5 miles up a hill.  


The aerial view pictures from the Austin march, courtesy of the Austin American-Statesman, are particularly stunning—marchers swarmed the Capitol grounds, taking up almost every patch of grass and pavement. According to the Texas Tribune, the marchers spanned generations. One marcher’s 85-year-old mother knitted pink “pussy” hats—a response to Trump’s Access Hollywood comments—for her family members, and a seventh-grade girl in Austin told the Tribune, “we still have a lot of hope.”

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