'March Against Hate' held in San Antonio

January 25, 2017


SAN ANTONIO — Women and community-action groups gathered in Downtown San Antonio Saturday to hold a "Women March Against Hate."


Hundreds of men and women gathered in downtown San Antonio for the local version of the women's march Saturday afternoon.


Men and women of all ages and from all walks of life gathered in front of City Hall to add their voices to a chorus of marchers in dozens of cities across the country and around the world.


Organizers of the march say they're marching to protest the hate, violence, and oppression President Trump has vowed to embrace.


They're also wanting to bring awareness to rights they feel are threatened by Trump's presidency.


“So I'm here today to express that," said Diane Bieri

Participants like Barbara Edens and Diane Bieri say they're also protesting the negative views they say were expressed by President Trump during his campaign.


“It just doesn't represent my views,” said Bieri.


“I don't want that to be what America stands for," added Edens.


Other marchers like Brandon Roberts hope the movement does more than inspire people to speak up.


“I don't like the direction he's taking the country,” said Roberts. ”And I hope that these marches sort of signal him to reconsider what he plans to do."


Chris Davila says she's marching for women’s rights and the rights of all minorities.


"I think we're just here to have our voices heard,” said Davila. “Going forward all of us want to be sure our voices are heard."

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