Mario Salas using own history to reach young people


SAN ANTONIO - From being on the front lines of protests in the 1960's to teaching at the University of Texas at San Antonio, one local man has made it his mission to educate our youth about African American history.


Mario Salas has been teaching at UTSA for more than a decade, but his passion for African American history dates back more than 40 years.


"My first encounters with African American history was with the SNCC, the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee," he recalls. "During that time, we had these things called Liberation School and we would have them every Saturday and people would come and we would talk about black history that was lost, stolen or strayed."


It's history that isn't always taught at the grade school level that is drawing students, like Boma Muaka, to Salas' class.


"It's a more in-depth look into everything," says Muaka. "I'm learning different details that I didn't know at first."


Salas says he hopes to continue making a difference in the lives of young people, and offer perspective of the past to help positively impact their future.


"I just think it's a great honor for me to be teaching here at a university that's concerned about African American studies."

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