February 22, 2017






Marvin Hurst showed his commitment to truth and justice with his news story concerning the tragic killing of Marquise Jones.   In less than 5-minutes, the audio recordings provided the city with new evidence that there is a major problem in the case of Marquise Jones.


Following the story, we called Mike Lowe, a community organizer and activist and probably one of the most visible supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement.  He states, “I think Marvin Hurst did an excellent job researching and making the community aware of the cover-up.  There is more than just discrepancies in this case, there is a visible cover-up.” 


Initially, there were a number of witnesses at the scene, however it appears certain eye witnesses were not interviewed especially if they saw a different version of the crime scene. 


Hurst let San Antonio hear witness testimony, of a Chacho's employee not heard before, that clearly placed testimony against San Antonio Police Officer Robert Encina.


“Unfortunately when you have an investigation, where an officer is involved in the shooting, the crime scene is treated differently”, said Lowe.  As they develop a narrative, that “the officer feared for his life because a Black male had a gun, is a story that the police want the public to think was true.  The audio heard on the news, reveals the real pressure put on the witnesses not to tell the truth.   This is not discrepancy but a cover up.  When you talk about fear of reprisal from police, people take that very seriously.” 


In this case, we are still waiting to see the video surveillance at Chacho's.   The video and the Police cam would tell us more about the off-duty officer’s behavior and that of Marquise Jones.


At the end of the KENS 5 segment, Marvin Hurst states that in light of the new evidence Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood can call for another Grand Jury trial.   Will D.A. LaHood be compelled to open up this case to achieve justice as the new perception is there is a willful and malicious intent to hide information in this case? 



According to Lowe, “the D.A. will not reconvene a Grand Jury.   It is sad because in the cases of Gilbert Flores, Cameron Redus….none of the police officers were indited.  We expect the same outcome in Norman Cooper’s case, and now a year later we still have not heard anything about Antoine Scott’s case which is disturbing.   The City and the DA’s office are not concerned with real justice.”  Lowe concedes “That’s my job to continue to march in the street or influence the vote at the polls and stand on the right side of history.”




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