Alamo Community Colleges – DieHard Catering Update

As a result of the news media (The Observer News, Tha1Radio, and News4 San Antonio) and community leaders looking at the flawed SAHA contract and Alt Facts with Diehard Catering, surrounding the San Antonio Housing Authorities 19th Annual Golden Gala, the ACCD is rumored to be renegotiating the agreement with DieHard Catering.


As of publishing time, the Observer was informed by a credible source that the ACCD is favorable to amending its’ termination letter to something that will allow Diehard Catering to prove itself innocent and continue its’ long relationship.


Diehard Catering has been serving the community for 25 years this month. The head Chef is an alumni of St. Philip’s College. The ACCD made its decision on January 7, 2017 to terminate business relationships with the catering company. This decision was made a week before the complete investigation results were provided to the city via the Metro Health Department.


More updates to follow which will also include more information into all the phone calls we received from Alamo Colleges Faculty and Staff.


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