March 8, 2017



So why is San Antonio Danny Green on the cover? Danny, while a real good guy, illustrates how one athlete who plays basketball on the East Side of San Antonio, all by himself Danny makes more money than ALL the Black businesses combined that did business with the City of San Antonio in 2016.  


As a San Antonio Spurs player, Danny Green pulled in a $10M a year paycheck… Black Businesses that worked for City Manager Sheryl Sculley in 2016 made a little over $6 million when the City spent $464,930,432.  This is absurd!   Yes, we are beating this horse again, because the community may have missed the City of San Antonio Annual SBEDA Report.  We should all be outraged.

 Yes, we got calls from the city after last week’s newspaper to inquire about advertising.  The truth is we are reporting their spending habits which show you how much the city cares about you.


Yes, our Facebook page took off with viral shares and comments from the many citizens who agreed the City Manager must go.   One Facebook post said “Million Dollar Scully....should be in prison. Sweet heart deals, kick backs, selling City property and keeping police and firemen positions open and pocketing the money as bonus ....has really hurt the city.”


Today, Black construction companies, architects, engineers, lawyers, landscape companies, CEOs who collectively hire thousands of people couldn’t generate more than $6 million dollars with the City of San Antonio.  If the money isn’t flowing right, expect high crime rates!   Just expect the very worse… This is the inequality Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders talked about!


It’s really no wonder Councilman Alan Warrick cannot stop the crime in District 2 – he is not getting any assist from his rich business community.  Unlike President Trump who is a self-reported deal maker, Alan hasn’t made any deals with the Spurs organization or even Coca Cola, the district’s two largest employers.   If he did, we haven’t seen the news!


The Spurs and the AT&T Center build was suppose to create new energy and incentives to build a new business community on the East Side.    Since this has failed, Black and Hispanics families on the East Side are the biggest users of VIA transportation trying to get to their jobs outside their community.   Every day the VIA bus is filled with people who go to work and spend their money in the richer communities only to return home to poverty.  This is a major fault of the Spurs and our City Manager.


Sheryl Sculley is the chief financial officer – she is the brains of the city.  Paid over $400,000 she is the head woman in charge, not our elected Mayor paid at $61,000.  The City Manager is the main contributor to the economic problems not just the accolades that she prides herself with.  Can anyone tell us what leadership impacts that Sculley has done to make a real difference on the East Side of San Antonio?   



Not to isolate Sculley but let’s look at the Holt family and VP, Bobby Perez.   When you travel to other cities with NBA teams, do you see the level of control exhibited over the fans like you see in San Antonio.   When you go to a Spurs game, do you ever wonder why the cars are ushered in and out of the Jefferson Heights community quickly by our police officers?   While we have a Police officer shortage, the half billion dollar basketball team will always be overmanned to direct traffic out of the East Side.  

Why do they do that?  Game after game the thousands of fans do not spend one dollar outside the AT&T Center.  There is no demand for anything more because the Spurs Sports & Entertainment and their rich friends lack vision for you.  A people without vision perish.   Unfortunately, the community bought the Spurs song and dance and today a symbol of the Broken Promise Zone.


We wonder why the business community on the East Side does not lift – simple – the AT&T Center is a mirage.    It is open to fat cats, and businesses who the Spurs Sports and Entertainment see fit benefit.    


Look, the original plan in 2012 was to enable a city to grow around this Bexar County land development.  Instead, it is unaffordable to the local community and at best is a major inconvenience to the neighbors who have to deal with the challenging traffic associated with any game.   


So when you see the NBA CARES promotions on TV, note that the Spurs should be ashamed.  The Spurs VP Bobby Perez has done little to create any winning relationships and partnership with its minority community since being hired.  

Years ago, the Alamo City Black Chamber talked about the problem.   The president stated when the AT&T Center was being proposed; Chairman Peter Holt led his business peers to make it rain on the chamber with the promise of doing more.   They gave over $10,000 to signify their support of Black Business with the pledge to do more.   Peter Holt wrote the letter to encourage the neighboring business to join him in making the chamber strong which would help empower the community.    WRONG!   


After securing the tax increases and the build of the AT&T Center, the Spurs with Coach Popovich value rose to a half billion dollar net worth, the Black Chamber was cut… and benched with a thousand dollars or less provided to be members of the business community.   VP Bobby Perez has treated the community poorly.   He, with Sculley, hasn’t provided any value to any Black organizations we are aware of.   

Holt, Perez, and City Manager Sculley continue to suppress the minority community.   


So again what is all the fuss about?   Black businesses, Black non-profits and anything that is geared to support the Black and Hispanic community on the East Side is barely supported.   The Promise Zone has been labeled the Broken Promise Zone in part because Ya been hoodwinked!  Bamboozled! Led astray!   Run amok!

Even, the press is not appropriately valued by the Spurs organization.  We suspect President Donald Trump took a page out of the playbook of the San Antonio Spurs.   


The Spurs organization shuts out local minority media and news outlets.   They have done so because they are the giants… They are the NBA!  As the only official Black newspaper in San Antonio, with one of the nation’s oldest Black newspapers – The San Antonio Register, we have received no love with the NBA team to do anything.  We asked politely to do something special for MLK and Black History Month but No favorable responses from Perez.   


While we enjoy the Nation’s largest MLK celebration, what Spurs floats or marchers have you seen over the years?    What hope do they provide to our faith institution leaders?   What good are they providing that make the local community happy to be associated with them?  I know some of you are diehard fans but the team should not take advantage of their community.  We want you to see the economics of the situation.   

When one party takes advantage of the resources and fails to be good partners, this exploitation is felt by all the people.   Again this is not about Danny Green, we are glad he can shot the rock!


Think about the community for a second… While we have enjoyed NBA championships, we have not felt any economic championships that should have occurred with this team.  


While individual success is to be applauded, our readers want more.   We do not see any Black players allowed to give back in any meaningful way on the East Side.   When the Spurs do projects or are let out of the AT&T Center, they are chaperoned by an out of touch people.   Really our community deserves better!   We have MVPs doing great things every day without the help and support from our Home Team or as the Observer has shared even our Home City.  


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