Election Time For San Antonio

March 8, 2017



Here it is again folks! Election time in San Antonio…where we’re seeing a lot of political signs and hearing tons of rhetoric from candidates seeking our vote. With so many hot issues happening locally, from economic equality to economic development, this year’s election promises to be a vastly contested and intense race. The city’s bond package will be culture-changing for citizens in poor and neglected communities, especially in the areas of education and infrastructure.  The mayor and all ten city council districts are up for grabs with 79 candidates running and there are a LOT of new faces. Surprisingly, many attorneys and former CEOs are running for office. Who are these folks? How will they benefit our communities? Can they be trusted? As voters, we must know who we are voting for and make sure we hold our elected officials accountable.


Take a ride around in your community and district and ask yourself if you’re satisfied with the things you see? Are you content with your councilperson or mayor? I live in district 2 and I’m not happy with what I see in my community nor my leadership (I’m not voting for him, by the way).


Local leaders brag about having a fiscally responsible city, but fail to mention that San Antonio is ranked at the top in economic inequality. Leadership says they champion small business but make it hard for local and minority businesses to get grants and loans but they give grants and large subsidies to foreign investors who don't contribute back to the community. They preach and push "fair housing" but NOT FAIR HOME OWNERSHIP! They don’t want you OWNING YOUR OWN! They want to keep you enslaved in their gentrified rent! Citizens are fed up with the same old political games and they want to elect the kind of leadership that will move our City forward in a new direction. Our young people are not engaged because leadership refuses to invest in their futures. They have a hard time finding jobs during the summer so they go to illegal means to get money. Crime has hit record levels citywide, many people have become fearful and lost hope that things will change.


Our education systems are being redefined by blood-sucking underachieving charter schools that poach the brightest kids from public schools and leave the rest to deal with. the criminal system This is a long and horrible pattern that must change, but it won’t change until we get involved.


WE MUST VOTE! Like our lives depended on it. We must vote because it’s the only way to get the representation we need to fight for our districts. San Antonio is known for low voter turnout and if we want change we must bring in bigger voting numbers. We need more young people to get involved in the process…not just to vote, but to run for office. We need more young voices to be a part of the process when it come to the future of our City. The older leaders refuse to mentor younger leaders because they are afraid of being irrelevant. If you are a young leader facing that situation, here’s my advice. Don’t wait for anyone to pass you the torch…light your own! You’ll appreciate it more and when you light your own torch, you’ll bring a new kind of leadership that will benefit your community. If you’re young and reading this article and have a desire for community work, contact me and I’ll point you in the right direction.


Throughout this election, I’ll be highlighting political candidates and keeping you guys informed with who’s the best for your district. As voters, we must exercise our power and go to the polls on a mission! There are so many new faces running for political office, so it’s important to know who we’re voting for. I can tell you right now, out of the 79 candidates in the race I only like about five of them. The rest will be up for you, the voter to decide. WE MUST VOTE! Or we’ll allow career carpetbaggers to slip through the cracks. It’s time for San Antonio to “clean the river” of political hacks and opportunists! #VoteLocal


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