March 22, 2017

ALAMO CITY'S NBA- No Blacks Allowed (NBA): Old Jim Crow in the Board Room, C-Suites,and in Business Contracting


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This agency the San Antonio Water System or as our bills show SAWS  is posted online on our Facebook page for your feedback.  The CEO Robert Puente takes estimated $507,238 in bonus and salary in 2017.  While this is ok, if the agency had a true heart for treating all people fairly, this is a bad thing when see how power and authority are aligned inappropriately.   SAWS is notorious for not marketing or advertising with Black businesses on the East Side.  They say the budget doesn’t have the flexibility to support.  Historically, SAWS has record low financial sponsorship to community events on the East Side.  Why?   Consistent with their low Fair Contracting Coalition Report Card, C Grade… and similar to other community takers, like the AT&T Center (Spurs Sports and Entertainment), they too leave African Americans out of their Executive C-Suite pictured above.  



We know we have very qualified citizens, especially all those Colonels and officers who retired from military service with master’s degrees stacked as high as the ribbons on their chest.   You see even the best African Americans our nation’s military produces in Military City USA and they aren’t good enough for a VP, Customer Service position at SAWS.  


The C-Suite employees pictured above make a minimum of $145,574 to $260,638 according to NEOGOV. Collectively they make over $2.5 million dollars minimum and almost $4 million if maxed out.   When asked, why this public utility company does not have qualified African Americans, they sent back to us this very surprising chart.  We stand corrected.   


In other words, the bigger problem is not just the City Manager Sheryl Sculley’s City of San Antonio 1% spend with African American businesses last year or $6.2 million dollar total spend out of $464,930,432, it is with governmental agencies like SAWS who insult us every day with their “No, it’s not in the budget” for every penny our community request.   


As tax payers and as bill payers we say YES, to overthrowing the blatant racism we can see with our own two eyes.  In this article we have even addressed what SAWS spent with African American owned businesses BUT we expect that it is just as bad!   Sound off on our Facebook page online!  


Even better tell Mayor Ivy Taylor who is appointed to SAWS Board as ex-officio member and sole African American.  Write the 7 person board and let them know how you feel –


Mail to:


SAWS, C/O Board of Trustees, 2800 US Hwy 281 North San Antonio, Texas 78212.




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