Too Many Questions!

March 22, 2017




If the 16 public agencies are to improve over the year until the next report card, who will help them in this journey?   Why is this improvement important?   We need to see new dollars rain on our community for our families benefit!     So who are the Blacks appointed to these public agencies?    This impressive list includes:   Bryon Miller, Edward Aquifer Authority;  Lester Bryant, VIA Metropolitan Transit; Joe Linson, University Health System; Ed Moore, Port San Antonio; and Margaret Anaglia, as the sole Black woman on a board with Brooks City Base.  The UT Board of Regents is void of any Black contributors.  Texas A&M Board enjoys the support of one Black Dallas attorney William “Bill” Mahomes, Jr.   And Dr. Morris Stribling, chairs the Board at the San Antonio Housing Authority with Charles Clack.  


Did you notice that all the Blacks serving on Boards are by themselves for the most part.   A hidden rule is only one at a time…  Unfortunately, they feel the weight for their entire race while trying to be like one of the guys.  If they don’t fight, we lose.  If they fight too much, they lose.


Also elected to office and the sole African Americans on major education boards include:  Denver McClendon, Alamo Colleges; Ed White, NEISD; and Bobby Blount, Jr., Northside ISD.   Some would also consider elected Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Calvert, Jr. and elected City of San Antonio Councilman Alan Warrick and Mayor Ivy Taylor to be in the same bucket.  In fact many of the appointees named to public agencies come from District 2 City Councilman.


Even Mayor Ivy Taylor is appointed to Boards ex-officio member as sole African American on the SAWS board, and the CPS Energy Board (with Derrick Howard).   


There you have it… the complete list of Black Board leaders in San Antonio.   With this discovery we have many questions too.   It is apparent in the case of SAWS,  a Black board member cannot open up the C-Suite positions.   If Board members do not push for their interest, as their peers push for their interest the Black community, especially on the East Side will continue to be BROKE.   


For example let’s look at a document provided by Texas A&M San Antonio to the Observer.  The graphic clearly shows, no African American spend, and we already shared there is no local Black representation on their board.  What is the result?  MURDER…  You be the judge if .82 or less than 1% spend is acceptable for the Black community.  White Women earned 4361% and Hispanics earned impressive 55.03% of the total pie.   Again it’s a major problem.  We just got it and we are just getting started!






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