Celebrities React to Missing Black Girls in D.C.

March 29, 2017


This week, Washington, D.C., made headlines as the city’s Metropolitan Police Department recently began tweeting out missing-person reports — with an alarming number of them for  young black women and Latinas.


Though officials have insisted that the numbers reflect only the fact that the department recently started using social media to help close cases, many have voiced concern that the numbers reflect a much larger problem in how commonly people of color go missing, both in the nation’s capital and around the country, as well as over serious gaps in media coverage of these cases as opposed to those about white people.


“We must make some noise !! Why are we just hearing about this . Why is this not the number one topic in America right now?” Beyoncé‘s mother Tina Lawson captioned a Friday photo, which highlights the case of Katherine Hunter as an example (she has been found).


“There are conflicting stories but all of these girls are not runaways!!! Don't fall for that !” continued Lawson, 63. “It is a well known fact that a missing person of color Black , Latin or other. does not get the media coverage [equal] to a missing white person.”

Added Jenner, 61, in her re-post of Lawson’s, “Call to Action for the media to report on these missing women of color!!!! Let’s help find these girls!!! ”



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