City Sponsored Police Community Relations Meetings—A Farce!

March 29, 2017


According to statistics released by the Attorney General’s office, there were 123 people

who died in San Antonio while in the custody of San Antonio Police from 2005 to 2015. If you include the figures from 2106, that number rises to 136 who died while in the custody of San Antonio Police. It would seem by any stretch of the imagination that we have a problem. There have been the questionable deaths of Norman Cooper, Marquise Jones, Jesse Aguirre, and others that the District Attorney and the City of San Antonio have refused to prosecute. They want us to just pray it away. One hundred thirty six deaths is a large number, and we are wondering how many of those were justified in reality. Can be expect justice from an insensitive and racialized

justice system, not to mention from politicized officials?


We have been inundated by a series of meetings that are supposedly designed to create better relations between the police and the community, but these meetings are nothing short of a FARCE. How can anyone discuss “police community relations” when the police have enshrined misconduct in a union contract that frees them from accountability? There is little or no accountability of police that continually carry out “Robo-Cop” activity. In fact, residents have told various officials that one cop who calls himself “Robo Cop” may be investigated by the FBI. The Police Community Advisory Board that is currently in existence has no subpoena power or contempt power which is sorely needed. As it stands now, a police officer that has managed to

find himself being called to appear in front of this board can simply refuse to attend. It is a good thing that police officers that want to obey the law have filed complaints against other officers that are placing all of our lives in danger. If the committee had subpoena power it could force an officer to appear or be jailed.


It is rare that anyone files a false complaint against an officer and so most of the charges are real. In addition, there are still complaints that when an issue is taken to Internal Affairs the citizen making the complaint is treated like they are lying or that they are without credibility.  This type of activity will eventually jeopardize the lives of citizens and police as well. You can’t continue to deny justice without there being a severe consequence—history proves this to be correct. We know that the District Attorney is reluctant to push for indictments against police officers. There are several reasons for this and all of them are unjust.


First of all, the police union will use campaign contributions to remove any politician that supports investigations of the police. Secondly, juries often find it hard to convict a police officer especially when the jury is presented with the past record of a victim. This part is very interesting, as the police union does not what authorities looking at the past behavior of a police officer, as spelled on in that corrupt contract that most of the city council signed off on, but wants to review the past behavior of people making charges of police abuse! Is this fair?”


Absolutely not! Additionally, juries are often made up of people that may have high crime rates in their community or have been the victim of some crime which would automatically bias their opinion. This is another reason why injustice takes hold because the District Attorney often does not feel that he can win a case in court. In this case, justice is denied because of a system that is stacked against the community.


This is why I charge that the entire city sponsored meetings concerning police and

community relations are a waste of time. I won’t be attend any of them unless they agree to discuss the issues that I have raised above—and they won’t, because these meetings are designed to fool the public into thinking that something meaningful is being done. Even most of the meetings concerning crime are a waste of time since the real problems of gentrification are not being addressed.


Every time we tear down an old neighborhood, and replace it with a new one,

the gangs that once lived there are going to move down the street and begin warfare with the existing gang in that neighborhood. The city never looks at this and just engages in photo ops with gold shovels to celebrate the new neighborhood. We are happy with a new facelift in our community, but is it asking too much to take into consideration what will happen to the adjacent neighborhood when the gang moves across the street? Injustice is everywhere!






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