'Bow Tie' Politics

April 5, 2017


What can you do in two years?  A lot, right?  I am not talking about big extravagant steps forward, as we all know things take time.  Especially in politics that is.  A lot of red tape, a lot of alliances etc. etc.


But unless it is Dignowity Hills what has esthetically changed on the Eastside?  Nothing.  Unless you are close to downtown, anything past Dignowity and it is over, you see the drastic change.  The buildings that are crumbling but Warrick doesn't hesitate to put up his big bow tie shiny election sign on a building that has maybe 2 seconds of life left and that is in Warrick's district.  


Warrick wanted to move the MLK March.  Do you think he still doesn't want to?  Of course he does he just didn't move it because OUR residents stood up and spoke out before he rushed off to a dinner with an African Prince (true story).  What if no one stood up and spoke out?  I will tell you what would of happened- NO MORE MARCH ON THE EASTSIDE.  He wanted that, he just did not go through with it because he needs to 'not rock the boat' as an elected seat is just that- elected.


So NEVER forget someone's TRUE intentions- why would that thought ever even pop in his mind?? Who's district is he really representing?


Warrick never cleaned up MLK Drive until it was time for the March then he cheesed for photos and was on his way- has not been back since.  I say that because there would of been a photo op if he did.  They never miss a photo op.


We received anonymous phone calls (2 to be exact) a few months back asking for help and guidance.  Women who worked for and may still work for Warrick stating how badly he treated them, he would talk down to them instead of leading by example.  He curses, and then he fires them.  That is how it goes in Warrick's office, do not open your mouth and have an opinion or your gone.  Remember the cover story that everyone had something to say about, "Oh man why did you have to put Warrick in a clown suit?".  Well the answer is simple, if you don't do clownish things you won't be in a clown suit.  


Warrick is worried about proper mattress disposal and stray dogs, when we just had another murder under his leadership.  But instead of using 270k dollars the RIGHT way to bring the community hope, he buys shot spotter which was a total fail for the cost.  Can you imagine what 270k would of done to the East Side even if it just was area beautification?  Usually when you uplift an area in infrastructure and good business the crime goes down.  What are you giving these people Warrick?  Nothing to remember you by but a bowtie.


You can like the guy personally all day long but are you signing up to give him another 2 years to do what he has done the last 2?  That is a decision your going to have to make and be able to sleep with, because I will say this- your neighbors deserve more, the residents deserve more, and the East Side Community deserve MORE.  


Please remember what JUST happened with our Presidential Election, all the people who voted for Trump completely screwed the rest of us who did not!


Warrick watch continues next week.. the cats are coming out of the bag and next week's cat is fat.





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