Dear Walter

April 12, 2017





I liked the "open letter to Mayor Ivy Taylor"". The writer asked several important questions. I have another question for Mayor Taylor.


In the past months so much hate and intolerance has come out of the WH. With trump banning people, rounding up people and making inflammatory remarks about people.


At the height of all the commotion about Sanctuary cities and cities turning in undocumented people, many Mayors from many big cities came out publicly and said they would not obey trumps order to turn in people, even if it cost them federal funds as trump threatened.


I was completely shocked that Mayor Taylor of San Antonio, Texas did not come out and speak for San Antonio. Does she realize who the people are she lives among in San Antonio? Why didn't she say anything? Does she care or not care?


Very shocked and upset that she said and did nothing.


I will not vote for her ever again





Dear Reader,


Thank you for your strong words and taking the time to read my column. I too am scratching my head about a lot of the Mayor's political and ethical decisions lately. Even though she's been running as a non-partisan candidate all these years, she clearly has what many would call "Republican traits". What's happening at the White House is a circus and a distraction from what's going on around you. We could also say the same about San Antonio politics.


I believe Mayor Taylor not joining the other mayors concerning sanctuary cities is consistent with her core beliefs and politics. I also believe she's allowed her personal beliefs to get in the way of doing the right thing when it came to addressing key social issues. From the city ordinance and the LGBTQ community, to her disrespect and dismissal of Black people when it comes to issues with law enforcement. Mayor Taylor believes that Black people should "comply THEN complain" when the police harass and abuse you. Well, after an all white jury cleared Robert Encina of any wrong doing in the killing of Marquise Jones, her "comply then complain" comments may have marked a death wish on every single young Black male in San Antonio.



Mayor Taylor only cares about ruling San Antonio with an iron fist and keeping herself in political power. I can understand your frustrations with our so called Mayor. She'll get on television and radio to promote a triple A baseball stadium downtown (a dumb idea by the way), but won't promote accountability and equity for all people in the city. She LOVES to MEET but WON'T FOLLOW THROUGH.  Im telling you this from experience...


So trust me when I say those folks at the city love to talk a great game about how they love the community, the residents, the youth, and yada yada yada...but the proof is in the pudding, just look around your neighborhood, kids' schools, etc. Do you SEE the Mayor and City Hall in your neighborhood outside of election time? Probably not.


Please make sure to voice your frustrations on May 6th by voting for the candidate who you believe will represent you best. 



Walt P.













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