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I believe that the best characteristic, or should I say ONE of the best characteristics one would possess from themselves is loyalty.

When the battle is over (whichever battle you are fighting) who was there?  Who helped?  Who supported you?  Were you by yourself? I think most of us have felt alone at times, some more then others.  I know that feeling of being alone (who doesn't) and it's a sad place.

I look at those who are around me personally, in my neighborhood, my community, and my leadership.  I always make a mental note of who is down for the ride whether it's fun or not, basically who has my back?  The upside from such an unfortunate lack of the loyalty characteristic is that you get to hand pick, right down to elected officials, who you believe has your best interests at heart or who represents your interests best.

 The sad part- loyalty is a rare find so when you find it you make sure to keep that person! When you find that it (loyalty) is not a part of that relationship you may want to reevaluate the relationship and make a move in another direction.

What leader has been loyal to your beliefs and hopes of representation for the East Side?  If this is the East Side you hoped all your life then it looks like you have loyalty in your official city representation and I say keep it!! Remember loyalty is hard to come by (I support anyone's decisions especially when it come to making that decision off of loyalty).

This is not the East Side I hoped for, this is not the East Side our children deserve (the little girl riddled by bullets when sleeping) this is not the East Side I was promised during last elections, this is the same East Side (if not WORSE) from who knows how many leaderships ago.

Side note:  During promotion for the SAGE Mayor's Breakfast, our Mayor said our East Side is Booming.

Do you think the East Side is Booming? Let us know and we will feature all "Letters to the Editor" weekly and anonymously (if requested), beginning Wednesday when you email your thoughts to contact@saobserver.com.

Have a say in your community, don't let big promises take the place of loyalty.  If we still have the same problems years later there is no loyalty, end of story.  The promises are false from incumbents.  Drive down any street you will see for yourself.

Word of the week- LOYALTY.




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