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April 19, 2017


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District 2, is one of the largest districts in Bexar County and the size of San Francisco. While crime is rising, there is a lack of programs for our youth, and infrastructure on our streets and sidewalks is in dire need of repair. Our District 2 council seat needs a candidate who has the time to fix the many issues that plague our community. 


As of April 30, I will be retired after 35 years of serving as a civil servant. I will be the the ONLY candidate in the District 2 race that can devote ALL of my time to a very large and diverse District. From my brief stint as interim city councilman I learned a very key lesson; It was extremely hard to have a full time job and serve this large district effectively, having the time is very important to get things done.  Our community has been effected by this during Councilman Warrick's tenure with no return calls and many issues that have been promised but not resolved. No disrespect to the other candidates in the race but unfortunately they have other responsibilities and obligations that could potentially hinder their ability to effectively represent the community. Councilman Warrick is CEO of World Technical Services Inc., a nonprofit that pays Mr. Warrick a salary of $142,138 for running the organization. Candidate William Cruz Shaw is a full-time attorney, who has his own law firm and also serves as a professor. Candidate Dori Brown is an office manager, tax preparer, and gospel DJ.  Where do any of them have the time to lead an area that has been plagued with high crime, no economic development, struggling education and a decline in community appearance?


I have the experience, discipline and maturity to serve the District full time which can lead to my motto of ‘’A Change is going to come’’. 


The dictionary defines the word CHANGE as "to make or grow different: exchange ". That perfectly defines the motto of my campaign which is, "A CHANGE IS GOING TO COME ".  


Based on my past experiences I feel I have the tools necessary to bring about the necessary CHANGE District 2 needs.


An Ohio native I have lived in San Antonio for 25 years and worked on the Eastside for my entire time here at the former S.J. Sutton Homes or at Fort Sam Houston.  At Sutton Homes I was a Resident Relations Representative. During my short tenure with SAHA I was part of a team that brought about change when the team convinced SAHA management to bring a G.E.D. Program to Sutton Homes as opposed to the training being held off property thereby presenting a logistical challenge to the participants. I vividly recall one graduate saying she was now the only high school graduate among her mother's 14 children - CHANGE!


In 1998 I became a member of the Fort Sam Houston Independent School District Board of Trustees. Two years later I brought change to the district when I became the first African American person to be elevated to the position of Board President in the then 50 year history of the district - CHANGE! I was fortunate enough to hold the position for 10 consecutive years, a record that stands to this day. That was not by accident but rather the results of my efforts to help advance our children into graduate, go to college, enter the military or even go to a trade school. During my tenure as Board President, Fort Sam Houston ISD, we named the building in the history of the Post for a Black person when the newly built JROTC building was named for the late Sergeant Major Rufus Pryor a JROTC instructor and native of San Antonio's Eastside (Denver Heights) - CHANGE!  


After mentoring at MLK Middle School and Pershing Elementary School, I went on to Fort Sam Houston leadership and assisted in the establishment of the Adopt-A-School program allowing military units to assist designated schools within a mile of Fort Sam Houston - CHANGE!


In 2014 when, then Councilwoman Taylor was appointed Mayor, I followed my heart and "God's guidance" and joined 12 other candidates seeking the District 2 council seat. The field then narrowed to 3 with me ultimately being unanimously appointed by City Council for 120 days. Although I lost the special election and subsequent run-off, I gained invaluable experience during my abbreviated council stint. Experience that, when coupled with my 35 year civil servant career, 15 year school board service and experience as a former Neighborhood Association President make me the best choice on May 6, 2017. I have a caldron of life experiences to draw from that I feel sets me apart from the other candidates including but not limited to my Vietnam experience.  Many do not know I was awarded a Bronze Star Medal for heroism which has helped prepare me for a life of dedicated service.


 I am and have been for some time disappointed in the representation, or lack thereof, of current Councilman Warrick. The infamous plan to move the Martin Luther King March off the Eastside and Warrick's advocating to sell the Ella Austin Community Center to a developer are two plans I vehemently oppose. Councilman Warrick has plans to turn the historic G.J. Sutton building into Cherry Street Lofts thereby further eroding the disappearing Black history of San Antonio. This will NOT HAPPEN ON MY WATCH. As for Cruz Shaw, he is a nice guy but like Warrick he is out of touch with District 2 issues, particularly those on the Eastside. He is a relative newcomer to District 2 and lives in the high dollar Mahncke Park area next door to Alamo Heights, an area "insulated" from the daily realities many Eastside residents contend with.


The time for Change is now. We need experienced, dedicated, and most importantly Proven leadership. As YOUR elected City Councilman I promise to be the FULL TIME voice of the entire community and to put the community first. 


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