Dear Walter...

April 19, 2017



Dear Walter,


I love what you are doing for Our Youth through the Suit Up! Program.


Is the councilman Alan Warrick or any of the city leaders helping you out with donations or anything? This is an awesome program that deserves All the support it can get!


Thank you for helping the young men at Healy Murphy for prom!


- Citizen of District 2

I am a mother, a wife and a resident of this Eastside Community





BEWARE when people use the word, FREE around you, they may be setting you up to PAY the ultimate price down the line. Such is the case when it comes to the District 2 city councilman race. There are 4 candidates vying for OUR VOTE and from all that I’ve heard from them, they all love to promise FREE stuff. Here’s a few things to consider BEFORE you go vote.


I went to each candidate and asked them the same question:

Will you PLEASE support the Suit Up! Program?




When I say, EVERY candidate running refuses to help, I mean it. They are letting their personal feelings get in the way of helping young people develop into positive adults. For those of you who are familiar with the Suit Up! Program, you know that we work with at-risk youth for 8-weeks at a time, teaching them everything from handshaking skills to tie-tying. At the end of the program each teen receives a NEW SUIT and other accessories to get them started towards adulthood. The Suit Up! Program is a non-profit organization that relies on community support to provide the teens with everything they need.


I went to Cruz Shaw NUMEROUS TIMES seeking donations and he just ignored my calls and kept making false promises. I’ve known Mr. Shaw for a few years and I’ve ALWAYS supported him, especially when he was chairman of THE WORST economic development agency in the history of San Antonio. I just DON’T understand why he refuses to help these youngsters. As a matter of fact, I asked Mr. Shaw about how he feels about police-community relations and he smiled and blushed…dropped his head…then came up with some ambiguous answer that had zero connection to the issue. Straight up, I don’t think Mr. Shaw has a CLUE about WHO the People are or WHAT their issues are about. I don’t dislike Cruz, I believe he’s a GREAT guy…I just feel he doesn’t believe in OUR YOUTH 100%. He’s upset I’m writing this article, but the truth is the truth. He has NOT helped Our Youth! He TALKS TOO MUCH!


I like Keith Toney…but even HE has ducked me a few times when I asked him to support the Suit Up! Program. I must thank him for the used, oversized suit, but unfortunately it couldn’t fit our kids. I believe if he’s going to serve as councilman he must INVEST AND SUPPORT organizations that are working and mentoring Our YOUTH like the Suit Up! Program. But right now, I think he’s more worried about winning than connecting with the Youth.


Dori Brown was probably the ONLY candidate who showed interest and offered support for the program. But that was MONTHS AGO…and I haven’t heard from her since….


Alan Warrick has not only FAILED to support the Suit Up! Program, he has let me know on NUMEROUS OCCASIONS that he will NOT SUPPORT The Suit Up! Program! From refusing to take my calls, to trying to take credit away from community-led events. This guy feels like the kids we work with are LOST CA USES and investing in a new suit for them would be a WASTE OF MONEY! I even asked Alan to donate money to Sam Houston for a new marquee to replace the OUTDATED one the school has now.

Guess what Alan told me, “I can’t do that because I don’t see it as a good investment.”


I wonder how many nonprofit organizations get looked over every day because of politics...Here's something to laugh at.......There are MORE stray dogs than there are jobs on the Eastside! So many people use Sam Houston kids for grant purposes and political gain but they FAIL to connect with these kids because they are ALL too busy trying to outshine their political foes. It's funny...the VERY SAME people who want OUR VOTE....SELL US OUT! Day after day.... year after year...People expect you to hold your hat and shut up like a good little servant...while at the same time driving a knife into your back with one hand...and sticking their hand in your pocket with the other...They REFUSE to invest in the Future of our Youth…They have a problem getting SUITS FOR KIDS but want to provide FREE LEGAL SERVICE to our elders??? Something’s fishy about that...The "Cost of doing Business" is ALWAYS at YOUR Expense! Don't let people tell you anything.... SOMEBODY is ALWAYS benefiting....and SOMEBODY ALWAYS pays the cost...They just won’t invest in Our Youth along the way....#EconomicsOfSelf


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