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1. the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.
"running away was not in keeping with her character"
synonyms:personality, nature, disposition


Do you remember a time in your life where you just KNEW that a certain person was on your side, had your back and was one of your top 5 in your circle?  Someone betrayed your trust didn't they? Do you remember the hurt, the feeling of "Oh wow I have had their best interest and always been there for them and they did this to ME?."   Unfortunately we still have those dealings in life, where a relationship was created, fostered and cultivated YET- you were left behind.


You were left BEHIND.  Although the other party kept GOING. Unthinkable to some of us right?  I know a lot of us sit back and say just- wow and shake our heads.  Did the relationship I had with that person completely lack loyalty for them to even be able to think to do this to me?  It hurts, you feel lonely, you look back and try to see if you were wrong in anyway.  


You were not...we just trust to easily because we want to see the good in people and believe by default they will do what they say.  We want to help as relationships (no matter what type) are a two way street and there has to be a benefit to the relationship.  Whether that benefit is just a person you can pick up the phone and vent to after a rough day of being clobbered from all angles at work or home or your very busy schedule, or that person is your spouse and all responsibilities are shared and you know your not alone.  If it's a child then you expect them to do as you say as you guide and raise them not be completely defiant or we have a problem and problems are theirs to be FIXED.  


Yet we've all experienced the pain you can feel from the demise or blemishes another party, in any type of relationship, throws at you.


I had a sit down with Councilman Warrick about a year ago.  The Observer asked him (after moving the MLK March debacle) that we would give him (GIVE HIM) a column such as former Councilman Mario Salas' to speak directly to his community on a weekly basis.   We saw that as very important for our community to hear from our leader.  This outlet was to ensure his message came across each week to his people of the community he is charged to lead.  There was no money attached to the deal.   Councilman thought it was a Great Idea!!   Agreed.   We needed to connect our Councilman with YOU THE PEOPLE he hurt your feelings for trying to move the MLK March downtown.  

We asked Councilman Warrick for about a month after that 'great meeting' (I really thought we were going in the right direction) for the column content.  But to no avail, Councilman Warrick said NO.  When you say yes and then do nothing after that means NO.


The Express-News recently labeled the East Side as- Broken.  Hopeless.  And a War Zone.


Councilman Warrick- OUR Councilman has said nothing to rebut this Editorial Board's opinion.  He failed to stick up for you.    So with that I am assuming he is not going to stand up for us as he isn't even doing it now.  


With that I am assuming he definitely is in this for his own interests.  He is banking two salaries - one from his nonprofit and the other from the City... almost the $200,000 man.   But as Keith Toney writes are you getting a full-time effort to solve the Broken, Hopeless, War Zone?


Let me tell this, if someone tells you, that your child is hopeless, where are you going?  I know I am speaking to someone because NOTHING is hopeless especially our community and how dare you not defend YOUR district that the Express News labeled as HOPELESS.


The EAST SIDE IS NOT HOPELESS COUNCILMAN! We need someone who will stand up for us and now we definitely know it is not you.  Your Character is HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE at best.

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