A Night to Remember…A Life to LIVE For!”

April 26, 2017



When I was in high school...God removed me away from society and placed me away from my friends and Family. Those who grew up with me knew how much i was involved in school, sports, extracurricular activities and all that.... Well God removed me for a time before I had a chance to attend my high school prom...I can't lie, I use to sit in prison as a youngster and feel bad about all the fun stuff I missed out on because I chose to be a knucklehead.


Well, as Fate would have it, Jacqueline Demps of Healy Murphy Center, gave me a call and asked could I assist her with getting their boys suits for prom. Without hesitation I said, "Yes! How many and when is prom?"  She said, "Around 10 boys...and prom is next week!" I began making phone calls to some people I knew when suddenly, God sends Megan Woolard Arredondo and Willie Rucker as Blessings. She asked, "How many boys need suits, Walter?"I said, "about 10, but prom is in a WEEK!" She said, "Just pray about it and let's hope they come." Mr. Rucker asked, "How many? I said "10 or so..." Guess what? ALL the suits arrived ON TIME! AND Mr. Rucker provided suits and gowns for 10 MORE STUDENTS AND HE BOUGHT THEM BRAND NEW SHOES!!! MR. RUCKER IS GREAT PEOPLE!!! Check out the pics and you can tell she has great taste! THANKS MEGAN! I told my wife what was going on at Healy Murphy and she was like, "Wow! Let me come up there and see what I can do to assist the girls."




So, we both went up there and introduced ourselves to most of the staff and the students. Alicia True Perry took 5 girls and dolled their hair for free because coming from New Orleans, style, glamour, and beauty is a lifestyle and a culture. Those young girls looked BEAUTIFUL! Let me tell yall something...The students at Healy Murphy Center are on ANOTHER LEVEL! When my wife and I walked through the doors, we felt right at home. The staff was polite, friendly, and ready to serve the student's needs. For those who aren't familiar with its history...Healy Murphy was THE first Catholic school for African Americans. AND it's on the Eastside in Dignowity Hill. Healy Murphy Center is vital to many of the teens looking keep their lives on track. As a Community, we should invest not only our dollars, but our time to these kids. Many people who commented on Facebook page about the prom were former students and they showed how much the loved and appreciated what we did for the kids:


“I love this school I graduated in 99 and if it wasn't for Mrs. Janie and her husband Mr. Brown Mrs. Love Mrs. Duncan Mrs. Dixson and Mr. Bentley I don't know where I would be that school showed us family!” friends and gave at risk kids like myself a chance when so many people gave up on us Thank you Healy Murphy!’- Tricey Robinson (Former student)


“I'm a Healy Murphy Alumni! Next time they need something let me know- I'm happy to assist them with anything! That school and their staff literally saved my life.” Karama Little-Mathis (Former student) “Proud of you guys. Willie Rucker is our family! Keep doing great things!’- Ashley Haywood “Speechless...Don't stop doing what you do, it will truly make a difference for these Young Men and Women!”- Kuquanda Perkins


The Eastside is always looking for positive role models and mentors to show Read up on Healy Murphy. The prom was a smash hit! For a school that hadn't had a prom for OVER 10 years, the students, staff, and visitors partied the whole evening away. With it being the start of Fiesta, a prom of this magnitude was worth it! We really enjoyed ourselves and we look forward to working with the students at Healy Murphy Center.


Those kids are hungry and looking for positive direction. My wife and I are going to use

our Divine Strategies to help these kids reach success! With God and Community support, WE CAN repair OUR COMMUNITIES!


#CarpeDiem #KeepLiving #SuitUp #DivineStrategies












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