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This generation of kids' thinking processes is completely opposite of what most of us remember during our childhood.  Lie and we would have been slapped with anything in sight that our parents could get their hands on.

Get grounded from going outside to play (ahhhh not outside to play!) and we knew how or at least tried to get back in the good graces of our parents.  Whether we apologized profusely and it worked or not we tried hard to get the punishment lowered or reversed- if not at least we knew we tried. We had respect for our parents in our generation of growing up and if we hurt their feelings we knew we had a problem.  Our parents were and still are, in a lot of cases, our leadership still to this day.

Betrayal.  Now how could we possibly betray our parents? We were taught values.  Values that incited loyalty (we talked about that the other week), respect for others, integrity - doing the right thing when people are NOT looking.  Those are the values and so many more instilled into us by our parents and our teachers and our village.  The village that surrounded us growing up where another neighbor could tell you about what they saw your child do and you took your child home and he/she probably received a whooping.  The parent of the child in trouble didn't shame the parent who let them know "hey I saw this" to the other parent - that's where it takes a village to raise a child.

We stuck together- whether friends, strangers, neighbors etc., we appreciated others having an eye on our kids and letting us know about it.

When we got caught in any of the above values being broken everyone in the neighborhood knew- so and so can't come out and play and everyone knew why and supported that decision by telling their kids - " hey Susie don't do what Jane did or you will be stuck inside also."

We were told by our parents when caught in a lie "You go back to that school tomorrow (or wherever) and you apologize and I will call your teacher to ensure you did, oh and by the way that doesn't get you off punishment!" Remember- the punishment still STOOD.

Unfortunately you would think we as parents of that generation of being parented by those values would portray them in our adult lives and try to pass them down to our children.

But one child back in the day that is now in our community didn't get it.

We asked for a line of open communication from a leader to his community - said yes but never replied again.

Fired so many young ambitious future leaders for having a respectful opinion or idea.

Allegations of getting kicked out of his wife's house many times for cheating while he was expecting a new child on the way.

Stopped by a mans home where the man just passed away in bed but only asked can he put an election sign in the yard next door and left while body was being ready to be transported.

Used CAMPAIGN FUNDS to support his own non-profit but said he re paid it. What?????? So contributors money to your campaign- did they know they were loaning you money for your non profit but told it would be re paid to the campaign? Wow.

Allegedly sent many many text messages to one of his interns cousins trying to 'hook up' even though he is married. The intern was fired eventually and I'm sure because the cousin kept saying no ( I spoke with the individual who would like to remain anonymous).

$30,000 dollars was the talk of the town that was taken from the MLK commission under the watch of Brandon Logan supposedly but our leader with 'Integrity' moved Brandon to another location because it wasn't really Brandon that should take the heat the leader knew he better get the heat off the wrong person and just picked up any rug and swept it under there.

Had the mentality to even believe to ask to move the MLK March!!!!!! What?

This guy is YOUR Councilman right now.  Councilman Alan Warrick and you will stand against everything your parents instilled in you by giving this man a vote of confidence because he will not say sorry like we did as kids, he won't be punished (unless we vote no to him!) and our kids have NO true leader.

If that is what you choose I ask you to take names out of the election and look at the writing on the walls.

Vote with integrity- doing the right thing while no one is watching.




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