: the quality or state of being accountable; especially : an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions

 : public officials lacking accountability. 


Many campaign teams will be on the push this week - the push for as many votes as they can conjure up before voting day on May 6.  Over the last couple of weeks we have talked about morals, respect, integrity, trust, and this week- accountability.  With the Webster definition above we see they even put the word in a sentence for those to see how the word can be used.  There are a million ways to use the word accountability but Webster chose to use the sentence: public officials lacking accountability.  Probably because that is the most important and the most abused moral when in power.  It is the one most abused by those in elected positions because accountability is lacking, by the hierarchy, by the people, by our community.  


If we all came together and said we are going to shop local and at HEB just for today Walmart is asking questions the VERY next day- what happened? WE HAPPENED.  That's the power we have together to ensure accountability.  I'm sorry that Mr. Alan Warrick has not been held accountable for the many things he has not done for our neighborhoods and the District 2 community but NOW IS YOUR TIME.  Vote with integrity- do the right thing when no one is watching and vote knowing you must hold the elected accountable.   I ask myself who has another two years (especially in district 2) to say, "maybe he will get it right this time?"  With every day that passes we are either moving forward or moving backward.   In which direction do you see us moving?     At the end of the day it's your vote- vote for who will make your street a safer place to live not who your 'friend' says is the ONE. 


Personally, I have held myself accountable by volunteering my time to serve on community boards.  Project ALERT coalition is one of those projects to ensure drugs do not break our community in the 78202 and 78222 zip codes.  The latest is my appointment to the City of San Antonio 5 Year Diversity Contracting Action Plan.  As I looked at over 400 million dollars spent by our city last year, I want to make sure Black businesses get a fair opportunity.   $6.6 Million dollars Black businesses earned out of $400 Million is really a drop in the bucket.   Maybe my presence alone will make our city do the right thing and be held accountable to the fact that my readers may be more engaged and watching to what happens in the future.   #StayWoke



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