May 10, 2017


With 32 days until the run-off election for the city's Mayoral and District 2 City Council race you will have a lot of voters sitting back wondering who they should place their vote for now? 

The Mayoral race run-off will be the Incumbent, Mayor Ivy Taylor and Councilman Nirenberg. The numbers and percentage of votes for the Mayor's race shows a city divided. 

The numbers show just how divided with Mayor Taylor bringing in approximately 42% of the vote and challenger Nirenberg bringing in around 37% of the vote and Medina who has been tagged the 'spoiler' in this race brought in a bare 15% although now Medina's 15% means a lot- who are those 15% going to slide their vote over to now - Taylor or Nirenberg? 


We emailed both candidates questions that are focused on our community.  We heard back from Taylor's camp this morning, and nothing from Nirenberg.  We will publish the answers to our questions next week.

With a city consisting of approximately 1.8 million people, San Antonio (our nation's 7th largest city) only managed to incite our freedom to vote into a mere 6.4% or 116,212 registered voters in all of San Antonio. A shell shocking snap shot into our voting population. Are voters throwing their hands up after seeing the Presidential election? Does San Antonio have a Putin issue on their hands? Well- no but when elected they must heed these numbers and read behind them as that is where they need to touch from now until June 10th. 1,688,788 (out of our 1.8 million people population) did not vote and that is very concerning. So how will Taylor and Nirenberg reach those people? Will they try? Is it to late to secure the votes Medina brought in to get to their 50.1% in order to secure the official seat? It definitely is not but it will be interesting to see if they try and what the message is to earn that SA Fire Fighter branded 'Medina Vote'.

The District 2 City Council race run-off will be the Incumbent, Councilman Alan Warrick and Candidate William ''Cruz' Shaw. Coming in third was for Councilman Keith Toney who fell short by about 300 votes. Toney was pushing a hard good race although I wonder with such a good honorable man who is for THIS community is not getting pushed over the top into the seat.   This is his third time running to represent the community and each time fell just a bit short.

But here is the question, what will Keith Toney voters do now? Does Mr. Toney have a responsibility to his voters to direct them to who he believes is the next best option for District 2? One would naturally think that Mr. Toney ran for this office again because he still has not seen any improvements from the incumbent over the years.    Toney ran because he was not satisfied with the current leadership and revealed all his reasons why -  if you've been at debates, read any articles etc..  At the end of the day, it's politics and politics can be messy as CNN's Van Jones would say. 


With the Mayoral race and in District 2, we are standing by to see the moral values of Medina and Toney to lead their voters to someone they support.

One thing we all know is life. Each of our lives are different but one thing we all want is to be heard which is to have a voice and know our opinion matters. 

Leadership in all organizations, not just politics itself, changes for different reasons. In the military, commanders are changed every 2-3 years, to bring in new ideas and give other qualified people the opportunity to advance their career. It happens in the public and private sector so that that business or organization can achieve their goals while bringing new innovation and talent to the table. They switch it up to determine what works best for the mission.   


In this race, we highly doubt, the Mayor will not be re-elected and gain the base of racial and ethnic minorities on the Southside, and Eastside that Medina may have captured.   So if this is the case, what is the magic leadership formula to have District 2 succeed?  

Did we see a dynamic duo with Mayor Taylor and Councilman Warrick?   Half of the time Councilman Warrick was elected he was trying to regain his relationship with the Mayor who he blasted and sided with Leticia Van De Putte.   Many people in the community have said, in the time where San Antonio has the most elected Black leadership, we didn't see much for them to work together to advance our community.  


Is there a better opportunity to change District 2's high crime, low economic development, marginal education performances with a new dynamic duo of Mayor Ivy Taylor and William 'Cruz' Shaw leading the City's East side?  For us the verdict is still out since this is the first political office run for Cruz Shaw- but he is in the run-off and there is something to be said for that!


Can Councilman Warrick make better decisions to include hiring a chief of staff from the community that knows who we are and what we need?   Maybe a Keith Toney should be embraced but be put in the drivers seat to lead as Chief of Staff?   This would guarantee the 1,000 voters some promise that they will not be overlooked.  This may be the solution and may not- but what life has told us more then once when you do the same thing over and over don't expect a different result.  


But what I do know, personally it is important after the race is won, for the elected officials to know the East Side of San Antonio cannot be taken for granted again.    We have offered the Mayor and the City Councilman with the opportunity to provide our readers with content that keep us informed.   When leaders choose to be isolated and use other avenues to get the word out, they fail us.  Let all be reminded.. we are the largest newspaper, with the most ground covered in San Antonio for the East Side.  Over 275,000 people have the opportunity to touch, and read our paper from Converse to San Antonio which is important.  We are the only free newspaper with a verified circulation that benefits our readers in very predictable pockets of our city.  We tell the agencies and the politicians alike, our readers do not have the luxury of seeing their ads and marketing in the Express News as it is too expensive.  Our readers are voters, are taxpayers, and have an investment in the future of our city.   We are in position to deliver their news - as a result of saying this, we are happy to welcome Ivy Taylor for Mayor Campaign and Edwards Aquifer to the Observer as new advertisers!   


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