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May 10, 2017



Hi Gail. My name is Tammy. I read your article and was very moved by it. I could not agree more with you, but as people, I don't find the church being involved enough to help our youth or tomorrow. I have applied for a grant to hopefully be able to start something for our young people so that they can get more involved. I live on the NorthEast side and also feel that some can be done as a whole. If we can get people to partner together to make a difference and hold one another accountable, will be a great start. Please reach out and let's see what we can do. The Bible says that where two or more can agree, there God is in the midst. I do believe that God is doing something in the Earth as we speak and very dissatisfied with us as believers. I look forward to hearing back from you soon. God Bless You my sister.


- Tammy


Dear Tammy,


Thank you for reaching out to Our Reader! I appreciate you keeping an open mind and not letting your ego get in the way of helping fellow human beings. We may not all believe in the same ways of getting to Heaven but we believe in doing for Our Communities. Nobody is perfect and I don’t remember God handing me an instruction manual on Life when I came out the womb. What I’m saying is that we’re all growing constantly…every day. Anyone who walks around Life believing that they have it all figured out, is more than likely someone who doesn’t know a thing.


My point is, we need each other and I feel it’s Our duty to assist when God calls Us. This is NOT about “The Church”. Because if it was then the numbers at this year’s election wouldn’t have been SO LOW! I remember my grandparents telling Us tearful stories about how hard it was growing up in a world where Blacks had no rights to vote. They told us about the way they had to grow up through Segregation. They said that Blacks were not allowed to vote and the KKK used to harass them at polling stations. Blacks were lynched or discriminated against. I used to picture the scenes in my mind as they gave us their often 3 HOUR lectures…about growing up Black in America. But my grandparents always reverted to the church when it came to community organizing.


The elders I grew up around all went to church to deputize people who wanted to work the polls for money. Our People saw it to earn some extra money, while at the same time learning and getting to know what’s what and who’s who in politics. The pastors I knew were not only into politics but ran for and served in political office. The late Rev. Claude Black was a champion for Civil Rights and he spoke up for the poor people. From what I was told, Rev. Black started the FIRST and ONLY Black credit union, which was located at Mt. Zion First Baptist Church on S. Hackberry and MLK St. The church played a HUGE role in local elections because they understood the importance of the Vote.


For some reason these churches in 2017 have a different philosophy about politics and the churches role. Some feel the church should have no role politics because it may corrupt the congregation. I don’t know about that…. What I do know is that no matter if it’s the church or any faith-based organization, we must get more involved in the community and get Our People to the polls, and keep them prepared for the future.


By the way, I’ll leave you with this to ponder: 


Anyone who has been stealing must steal no longer, but must work, doing something useful with their own hands, that they may have something to share with those in need. Ephesians 4:28


#CarpeDiem #KeepLiving


- Walt P.

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