Run-Off (s)!


Run-off.  In both district 2 city council and mayoral races we have ourselves a run-off.  So what is a run-off? The candidate with at least 50.1% of the amount of votes wins.  Although no candidate in either the District 2 City Council nor the City's Mayoral race won 50.1% of the votes.  So... no one won (say that 5x fast) which means YOU HAVE TO VOTE ONE MORE TIME!


The vote tells you why there is a run-off.  It is because half of your constituents are saying they want another person elected so that is how we got to our June 10, 2017 run-off for both of these races.   Early voting will start May 30, 2017 so mark your calendar to plan to exercise your right to vote. 


We have talked so much about values lately as it relates to the elections and how to look for those values in the leaders we are asked to vote for.  It is important that wherever you obtain your news from that the candidates reach out through various platforms to let their community know that they respectfully ask for your vote.   Be aware of your surroundings-your surroundings is your community and you should see these candidates in all of the places where you absorb information.




Although we never know what to expect out of an election we do know what we, as the people, would like to see from those elected.  Basic morality and accountability.  Now that we have a run-off, you may be very undecided as to who to cast your vote for and that is to be expected.  Now is the time to really tune in, which candidate is talking to you.  Which candidate best meets your needs as a community member?  Which candidate when they are wrong or not received appropriately can own up to their shortcomings and incite trust into their people again in order to lead efficiently?


We have until June 10th to see what both the Mayoral and District 2 City Council Candidates will do with the time they have to earn your vote, because your vote is worth a lot!



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